Incorruptible Corpses


Z Veronica Giuliani2.Jpg-1Without life-sustaining processes like blood circulation and metabolism, the body begins to degrade. Skin falls away, eyeballs disintegrate, hair turns to dust, and eventually, so, too, will your bones. All of this is good news for the worms and bacteria that live in soil and feast on decaying material like your dead body. And it may be comforting to know that you’ll be recycled — or at least composted — after death.

But according to the tenets of the some faiths, there is a way to thwart the process of decomposition. For centuries, the Roman Catholic Church held that individuals of the purest faith remain in a lifelike state after death, their bodies resisting the decay of the grave.

There are a number of documented cases in which people have been exhumed years after their deaths and were found inexplicably preserved. Even more amazing, some of these people have remained preserved for centuries. The church viewed this as a measure of sanctity, and incorruptibles — people whose bodies mysteriously thwart decay — were canonized into the tenets of Catholic mysticism. Incorruptibility became a component of beatification — the process of becoming sainted. This process also included the prospective saint appearing in visions to people after death and performing miracles, either after or during life. [Source]

Mummification Versus Incorruptibility

Bernprof-3There are a few techniques wherein human remains can become preserved. One, of course, is mummification. In this method, pioneered by the pharaonic Egyptians, internal organs are carefully removed and body cavities are filled with herbs and other natural materials that combat decay. The body is then bathed in oils and wrapped tightly in linen. The mummified remains of Egypt’s early dynastic rulers can be found intact and on display around the world today, thousands of years after their deaths.

This is not the case for some of the incorruptibles found around the world — their existence baffles scientists. While the preserved remains of mummies are generally found in states of rigor mortis-like petrifaction, incorruptible corpses are pretty pliable. Their skin is supple, even years after their deaths. They appear, for all intents and purposes, to be sleeping or only recently dead. What’s more, these corpses don’t show signs of having been embalmed. And the local conditions don’t appear to have had a preservative effect on them. While they remained in a perfect state of composition, other corpses interred nearby were degenerating like normal.

Scientific Theories

The argument for a physical cause includes a belief that the corpse has been subjected to environmental conditions such that decomposition is significantly slowed. There are a number of ways of retarding decomposition, but the mechanism commonly stated is that of saponification. Another environmental condition that can be the cause of retarding decomposition is a burial ground that is cool and dry. The retardation of decomposition also occurs if the ground is composed of soil that is high in certain compounds that bring the bodies’ moisture to the surface of the skin. It is also suggested that bodies with low amounts of muscle and body fat tend to resist decomposition better.

The Odor of Sanctity

Pio7 Dce-1The Odour of Sanctity or Odor of Sanctity, according to the Catholic Church, is commonly understood to mean a specific scent (often compared to flowers) that emanates from the bodies of saints, especially from the wounds of stigmata or the corpse of an incorruptible. Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Maravillas of Jesus (a Spanish Discalced Carmelite) were reported to have emitted heavenly scents immediately after they had died. Reputedly, Teresa of Avila’s scent emanated throughout the whole monastery the moment she died. Saint Thérèse de Lisieux (known as “the Little Flower”) was said to have produced a strong scent of roses at her death, which was detectable for days afterward. Likewise, Padre Pio’s stigmata allegedly emanated the smell of roses.

Video Gallery

1. Exhumation of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina and discovery of his incorruptibility (died 1968)

2. Incorrupt body of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes (died 1879)

3. Incorrupt body of Saint Vincent de Paul (died 1660)

Image Gallery

1. St Pio of Pietrelcina (died 1968)

Pio7 Dce

2. St John Vianney (died 1859)


3. St Bernadette of Lourdes (died 1879)


4. St Vincent de Paul (died 1660)


5. St Silvan (died 350 AD)


6. St Veronica Giuliani (died 1727)

Z Veronica Giuliani2.Jpg

7. St John Bosco (died 1888)


8. St Teresa Margaret (died 1770)


9. Blessed Imelda Lambertini (died 1333 – 12 years old)

Imelda Incorrupt

10. St Catherine Laboure (died 1876)

Picture 1-133

11. St Clare of Assisi (died 1253; best friend of St Francis of Assisi)

 Italy Assisi-Santa-Chiara-Pictures Slides Img 5569C

12. St Agnes of Montepulciano (died 1317)


13. St Margarita María Alacoque (died 1690)

Santa Margarita Maria De Alacoque  Incorrupta

14. St Rita of Cascia (died 1457)

Santa Rita De Cascia 2

15. St Francis Xavier (died 1552)

Picture 2-82

16. St Maria Goretti (died 1902)

St. Maria Goretti.Jpg


245 Responses to “Incorruptible Corpses”

  1. 1 aceman

    anyways, the upclose picture of St Bernadette of Lourdes, it’s too flawless to be real. i imagine her right face to be little saggy, since the gravity would pull her face downward. also, her mouth would a been tilted a little bit to the right/down. amazingly, she had no wrinkles or acne whatsoever. Not to be rude but i suspect some of these so called incorruptible corpses are artificially made, probably mannequins. i hope i don’t go to hell for being an unbeliever regarding on this topic 😦

    • 2 John

      Much needs to be believe through faith. As for the body being replaces with Mannaquins, highly unlikely. Perhaps you are being challenge to see this for yourself.

      God Bless

      • 3 mauve

        Perhaps you need an english lesson. And perhaps it is a lie, all of it. Good day.

        • 4 Siegfried

          Perhaps you do as well. When last I checked, you didn’t begin sentences with conjunctions. Thanks for your disbelieving comment though!

      • 5 Mark

        1. You are incredibly rude.
        2. It is not for you to instruct or ridicule us on our beliefs. St. Bernadette of Lourdes’s body is coated with wax. Many of bodies have been examined scientifically and it has been found that they were in fact embalmed in the manner of the day. But that still does not explain why they have not decayed over the years.

        • Ill coat her body in my own personal “wax”

          • 7 ME

            Obviously you are a being with no mental compass, a soulless mouth breather as best.
            I pity those who endure your presence in their daily lives.
            What a waste of life and space…
            If there is a “Hell” I would guess from your postings you’ll have a front row seat.
            I hope you get a clue or at the very least do not reproduce.

          • weak troll 0/10

          • OH wow..

            Way to string together a bunch of cliché internet forum insults.
            Except for “mental compass”. “Moral compass” is commonly used but the other one just.. fell out of your gaping asshole maybe? I spose..

            And to my spic friend.. “Troll” ? Using all the right lingo. Your’e well involved in this whole “internet tough guy/smartass” thing huh? To the point where you try and referee and hand out marks to people out of 10?

            It’s actually a great troll because it managed to weed out you two self important cunts from the crowd..

            My original comment was really trying to provoke some thought by discrediting and trivialising this whole thing to the point where it is exposed as the true nonsense it really is.

            The photos above are nothing but the formaldehyde soaked husks of a bunch of weirdos and kiddie fiddlers from yesteryear.

            Anyone taking “God” etc seriously in the year 2011 needs to get the fuck outta here..


            Oh, and eat my shit. ALl of you : D

            MERRY XMAS LOL

          • 10 AngelloGabriell

            more and more people stop beliving in God,sad thing to see,but in the end it will be those who belive that go with god and the others will remain to kill each other over and over,1000 deaths before finally they fall in hell,where permanant death awaits.

    • 11 Sean

      The reason St. Bernadette looks so flawless is because her face and hands were covered with a thin coating of wax to both further protect her from corruption (since she is no longer hidden from air and all the bad stuff it carries) and to brighten it from the grayish pall it had when it was discovered. In her case she may have escaped decomp but still looked dead. If you look her up on wikipedia you can find what I just shared.

      • 12 Trystan Wings

        Yup this is true… you can actually see it in her hands, which looks sort of like glued together due to the wax.

        • 13 KNE

          if she is covered in wax in order to keep “air and all the bad stuff it carries” at bay… can this really be called a case of incorruptibility? shouldn’t the fact of their miraculous nature and purity of faith keep them preserved? cause otherwise i don’t really see any difference between a wax corpse and a wax mannequin… despite the fact there is a skeleton underneath.

          • 14 Mark

            The body iiself is not wax – the wax is a coating over the body – skin and all.

          • 15 Lynnea

            There are many types of embalming that were used more than 100 years ago. The Egyptians were known for the techniques. However, for some reason some corpses do not compose like others. Bernadette was exsumed 30 yrs after her death, she still looked the same (which is very possible with most corpses if embalmed correctly). Then yrs later they did the same again-*note when they took her out into “regular” air she did start to show signs of decomposition. Black splotches started showing up on the legs and torso.
            They did take precautions then to stop further decomposition. They then placed her in her encasment. The enviroment is actually what causes the body to decompose fast or slow. Since she has been carefully handled and preserved of course she will not decompose like most. Her being a Saint is just a plus and a morbid sort of interest. I am not against the idea that she is preserved by God. Everyone has their own beliefs. I, personally, believe that they are amazing to look at and study…as for being preserved by God…well, I believe that it takes more than a couple of miracles to be worthy of that. Some of them may be-howevr, I don’t believe all of them are. In their time it was easy for the church to sway the beliefs of the people. And things that now could probably (I say this with a maybe) be explained that these nuns and priests saw, felt, heard, or performed- would be considered miracles. In the end though, I believe that their well preserved bodies are in part thanks to good preparation, and constant care of the church.

            Bachelors of Science Degree.
            Religious Studies Major

    • 16 Matty

      it’s called faith, my doubting Thomas.

    • 17 Rosie

      I believe it. They are Saints. “Blessed are those who believe without seeing”

      • 18 KNE

        and damned are those who believe without questioning.

        • 19 SKE

          you don’t have to question everything. sometimes answers are impossible to find..and that’s where faith comes into play.

        • 20 Osas

          “damned are those who believe without questioning.”. END OF STORY. You are certainly on the right path to the absolute TRUTH. Prove every spirit. Seek answers to questions and you shall find them. Blind faith is too dangarous. “damned are those who believe without questioning.”

    • 21 mauve

      To hell with hell.

    • 22 Clair JOrdan

      The ones that look so flawless like St Bernadette, actually have wax faces. Molds or impressions were made of the face and then a wax covering made. They did this for the hands too. Although extremely well preserved the skin would indeed sink and turn an unsightly color so they did this so people wouldn’t be put off from seeing them.

    • 23 anonymous

      the body is covered in light wax masks due to a slight discoloration of her face as a result of her being exposed to organisms present during her three exhumations.

    • 24 Dan

      these saint whom u think are mannikin’s u are correctly wrong as they are ether have wax on their faces or a silicone mask to prevent any decay or in older times they took parts of different saints so they been viewed more widely I suppose but I can assure u these saint’s u see are not mannikin’s but will be excessively preserved for future generations but I can see how people presume wrongly more often than not though. Wouldn’t be to falsely show such a insult and a disregard to how the various saint’s have cured or caused unexplained miracles to be replaced with a copy of their remains to put in their tombs instead of the wonderful saint’s wouldn’t it. Think of the sheer anger and outrage if saint’s we replaced with manikins instead of their remains think of the anger the sheer outcry and upset it would cause? It bear thing what would happen if the Vatican ordered that al saint’s remains to be secretly re buried into their crypts or graves and replaced with high standard manikins. Plus it would such a insult to god and Jesus Christ as we would be insulting the house of god and the son of god whom gave up his life for our sins for insulting fellow brothers and sisters too its bear thinking about if it came out that all saint’s were manikins gives me the creeps thinking such a thing would ever happen god forbid

    • 25 JB

      Aceman, it is amazing. I have visited the Church that has St. Bernadette’s body in view, and if I did not see her body for myself, I may have concluded as you have, that it is not real human body. I had asked a caretaker there how can she look perfect, with her lips having such color. He said that when the body was exhumed as a part of the rigorous examination of a team from many disciplines (including medical doctors) of the person’s life, her body was found incorrupt, yet the skin had darkened. With the decision to place her in a glass casket for people to see this miracle God has made, a light coat of wax was put on her skin so she could have the flesh tones that she had in life, much like a body is prepared for viewing nowadays with makeup. If a body is going to defy the laws of nature and not decay, I would imagine they’d not be subject as much to gravity either.

    • 26 :)

      Her skin is ‘flawless’ because scientists had once examined her body (through much persuasion and arguments). After they had washed her body and examined it, the skin became slightly paler than it previously was. (For her body to still be firm and alive-like, I think this is a remarkable thing.) So they covered her body in light wax so that her skin will look more life-like, like before the examination.

    • 27 Gustavo

      I am agree with you…most of the cases, the bodies look bad, like mummies, so catholic church decide to put a wax mask over their faces, to make it look real. Bernardette has a wax mask over her face and hands….

    • 28 Sonja

      If she is a mannequin, why dont you go and cut the body so we all can see “the maneqquin bits and peaces”… just for us to see how clever you are and prove all scientists wrong. hahahaha. Another smart…
      Are you an american by any chance???? Would not be surprised.

    • 29 Charles William

      God never disappoints the real seeker.

    • 30 daisy

      When coming to the reality why people have to give so much importance to the dead bodies. There is a tomb in which body can’t be seen as the body is resurrected from the dead!! The tomb is the tomb of JESUS CHRIST and the body which is resurrected is the body of JESUS CHRIST. Roman 14:9 says, “HE IS THE LORD OF BOTH THE DEAD AND THE LIVING.”, WE SHALL ALL STAND BEFORE THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, GOD SAYS,” EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW TO ME, AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS TO GOD.”
      It is God who is worthy to be praised and honored and worshipped and not the dead people or their body.
      Why people are not giving importance to the resurrected body of Christ!!!!
      Pl. publish it.

      • Absolutely!

  2. 32 Caroline

    How unnerving! It would be incredible to actually see one of these in person…

    • It is amazing – I saw Pope Pius IX in the Vatican when I visited there a year or so ago.

    • I tea-bagged the hot one.

  3. 35 milqytoast

    Great article (oops, I almost typed “list”)! This subject matter has always piqued my interest. I wonder why only some saints have incorruptible corpses and others did not. I wonder, too, if there are known cases of incorruptible corpses of people who belonged to other faiths, i.e. not Catholic saints?

    Slightly off topic, but for religion class (I used to go to a Catholic high school) I remember my teacher telling us about a saint who was exhumed and had his title of “saint” taken away because they found fingernail scratches on the inside of the coffin’s lid, meaning he was alive at the time of burial, and committed a sin of “despair” (by panicking or whatever) and died in a state of non-grace or something like that. I wasn’t really paying much attention to the story (kinda wish I did now), but that story came to mind while I was reading this. I wonder what happened to his body. hehe

    • milqytoast: the person in question (Thomas à Kempis) was never made a saint and there is doubt about the truth of whether he was buried alive. But regardless of that, a Bishop in his region started the process of canonization but he died before it was completed and no one has since taken it up. Thomas a Kempis is the author of the Imitation of Christ – the most popular work of Christian literature next to the Bible.

    • Oh – also, the sin of despair is the belief that God can’t forgive you (which is a mortal sin and is the sin committed by Judas after he betrayed Jesus) – not the feeling of horror when something bad happens 🙂

      • 38 gracenam

        Wow I never knew that!
        That’s pretty interesting 🙂

      • 39 milqytoast

        haha I really should have paid more attention in school =S Thanks for clearing all that up, it’s good to know… come to think of it, I do have a tendency to remember only bits and pieces of things and fill in the gaps with false memories. If only I could go back in time and tell my younger self to pay attention during theology and religion classes… and Latin, too. I only started to appreciate these things as I got older!

        • 40 milqytoast

          Upon further thought, I believe I remembered that story correctly as it was taught to us, and it was probably my idiot teacher who told it falsely. I should track this guy down and make him read this website on a daily basis. Also Listverse. He could learn a thing or two! haha

      • 41 Jacqueline

        My father and I were discussing this just today. It is so human to have a hard time believing that you have been forgiven completely by Jesus. I believe though that as long as you acknowledge the fact that we are supposed to believe this and we ask for Gods help in doing so, we wont be doomed for this. God is a merciful God.

    • 42 arthur

      I would like to shed some insight as to what might have happened to the saint that you are referring too. Upon coming out of a coma the person would only be able to realize that he was enclosed for some reason and made an attempt to get out. Perhaps fear set in realizing that he could not lift that which was upon him. He would not have had much time to ponder despair. Thus his efforts to claw his way out left marks. God being all knowing and having made us with the will to live and to utilize reason would probably understand this phenomenon. Hope this helps.

  4. 43 imcrystalclear

    Jfrater, Thanks for the clarifications. I liked this article. I am enjoying this site more and more.

    • Thanks – I hope it will become as popular as listverse in time!

      • 45 Karan

        jfrater.Your articles are amazing.Can’t imagine the amount of time you must have spent in research of the articles.

        Keep posting.Also can you let me know if there is a way to subscribe to your website.


      • 46 mechrabbit

        yeah too bad its never updated. I bet if if had been kept updated or at least a post here and there about whats going on, it would be as big as listverse.
        this article is fascinating. my mom was named after bernadette

  5. 47 sagirl

    What’s up with St. Francis Xavier? He looks like he’s levitating.

  6. 48 Moo

    I love this site but feel maybe a vital piece of information is missing from the article.

    In the images displayed the corpses wear waxen death masks, with the clothing and waxen hands covering everything else so their true state of decomposition is undetermined.

    • 49 Behind The Sun

      Those are impressive waxen whiskers St Pio has there in the first shot. I also doubt ST. Silvan’s slit throat there is part of a mask. Where exactly did you get your information from Moo?

    • In fact, a thin layer of wax is laid over the skin to prevent damage from exposure to light. It is not a wax mask – it is a protective film of wax.

  7. 51 Zenayda

    Being Catholic, I grew up listening to stories about saints and how they never decomposed. I never thought much about it – it was always just in my head that saints never decompose. It’s so interesting though because it defies all laws of science. Now that I’m a bit older, I question it a bit more.

    My sister saw St. Bernadette when she went on a school trip to Lourdes – she said it was quite strange to see her.

    Also is it just me or does St. Clare of Assissi look particularly ‘waxy’? I must agree with Behindthesun – St. Silvan’s slit throat raises some questions…

  8. 52 sofkes

    So many schools and streets in my area are named after these people. Also, i’m sure some of the pictured are wearing wax masks…

  9. 53 Rebecca

    Have there ever been any cases of “regular” people being exhumed and found in the same flawless state, or is this a phenomenon only of the very pious?

    • There have been – but in those cases it is almost always due to something to do with the soil they are buried in.

      • 55 mauve

        Most people don’t decay that quickly, it takes a really long time. I find it slightly creepy that there are bodies in glass caskets for the world to worship…..idolarty much? I would say so. Oh yeah, and would you say that these people are happily dead if we are still staring at their waxy faces?

        • 56 anonymous

          catholics don’t worship these bodies, they are venerated. they look up to them as examples of a truly Christian life. they also serve as reminders of the virtues we ought to follow. 🙂

          P.S.: i’d say they are ‘happily dead’ even if we stare at them or not-they’re in heaven, enjoying perpetual bliss that is their lives’ rewards.

          • 57 SKE

            i agree with the person about me 🙂 i am a roman catholic and we do not worship saints or even mother mary for that matter. we simply look up to them for guidance and ask that they pray for us. and the person below me..i understand you have your own beliefs, but i completely have to disagree with you on your view of catholics and the catholic church. i understand you had a bad experience being christian, but the catholic church isn’t like that at all. the so called “lies” you believe the catholic church to have it MY faith, and I have faith it isn’t lies.

          • 58 SKE

            when i replied to this, i accidentally messed up. i meant to say the “anonymous” person is whom I agree with and “rbe” is who I disagree with.

          • 59 Magdalena

            Jesus is only way to heaven. He died on the cross to wipe away all our sins. If you believe in Him you are free from sin. You don’t need examples how to live – Holy spirit teaches you from inside and God’s word teaches you truth.
            Dear friends! I was very devoted catholic for more than 20 years and I was telling myself the very same lies about not warshiping Mary and saints. But tell me the truth: knelling in front of the statues, kissing them, praiyng before statues and images – isn’t it warshiping? If not – tell me what is? Throw away everything and turn only to Jesus – He is the only Way, Truth and Life.

  10. Remember guys – they are not wearing wax masks – they (some) have a very thin wax coating on the skin to protect them from light damage. It isn’t a conspiracy to fool people – if these were not incorrupt bodies they wouldn’t be on display 🙂

    • 61 Jenna

      jfrater .. Are you a priest or Theology person of some sort , I agree with you 100% , the parts of these Saints bodies exposed for us to see are covered with a thin coat of wax. This was to protect from light on there exposed skin, after they exumed St. Bernadette the first time they washed her put fresh closthes on her , that first washing discolored her face and parts of her body and to prevent further discoloration and damage they coated her in a thin coat of wax , Read the book Incorruptables , I dont remember where I bought it from maybe Ignatius Press but the book is incrediable. All the stories in there are.

  11. 62 Ashley

    wow! these are real?! the bodies almost looked clay like and perfect. this is very fascinating

  12. 63 kay

    Wow. This was very interesting. Some of them looked so weird.

  13. 64 Awj

    I think the photos here are misleading.. the photos on the wikipedia article show a much more realistic view of “incorruptibility”.. there is still some decomposition.

    also, out of curiosity, why don’t you ever list your sources?

    • 65 appie

      i’ve read some article in wiki that some of the bodies decomposed and the others are waxed,.

    • 66 John

      Here is a caution provided by citing wikipedia information.

      A caution before citing Wikipedia
      As with any source, especially one of unknown authorship, you should be wary and independently verify the accuracy of Wikipedia information if possible. For many purposes, but particularly in academia, Wikipedia may not be an acceptable source;[1] indeed, some professors and teachers may reject Wikipedia-sourced material completely. This is especially true when it is used without corroboration. However, much of the content on Wikipedia is itself referenced, so an alternative is to cite the reliable source rather than the article itself.


      If Wikipedia is not good enough for Academia then there is good reason to corroborate any information on wikipedia with other sources.

  14. 67 appie

    amazing,.great.,i spent hours researching for their stories in Wikipedia,.

  15. Yeah this is crap. I love your lists, great list but this is prob just another lie of the catholic church who is ALWAYS trying to convince you that they are the best or greatest or (pppft) only true religion.

    So I guess all the innocent babies that died are preserved too. I mean, they had no sin whatsoever so they must be well preserved too.

    It frustrates me when people twist theology to suit themselves. That is idolatry in its purest form because you have created G-d in your own image.

    • You are misunderstanding the issue – not all saints are incorrupt – it only happens to a few. Also, I am not sure how this is idolatry – that refers to worshipping something other than God – ie, presuming the object of worship has the power of God. No one does that to incorrupt corpses.

    • 70 SKE

      The Catholic Church’s purpose isn’t to make themselves better than any other religion or to say that their religion is the only true religion. I am a Catholic and I personally believe that God is the only true being you should believe in. People just have different ways of how they view, worship or believe in God. The different Christian churches out there hold the same belief of the Catholic Church…that there is one God. Yeah – we may have the sacraments and different traditions, but that’s doesn’t mean we are trying to make our religion any better or more right than other religions out there.

      • 71 Breadoflife

        Actually SKE hate to rain on your parade, but the Church dogmatically teaches that the Catholic Church is Christ’s unbreakable Church, which is the only one that has the power to bind and loose. Every other religion may have elements of the truth, but are still doomed to fall into error and teaching sin. That includes are protestant brothers and sisters, who refuse to accept many of Christ’s hard but necessary teachings. They may come back one day, but that is for God to change their hearts. Remember God gave up people to their lusts on numerous occasions because they refused to change. And once you start down the that path, sin will cloud your mind, judgment, and harden your heart.

        Stacy: You seem to be the one who twist’s theology. Especially a theology you can’t comprehend.

      • I am Catholic too…I want to caution you not to become a religious “relativist”. In other words…the Catholic Church DOES believe itself to be the only true (right) Church, founded by Jesus Christ. Followers of other Christian religions, from the Catholic viewpoint, are our seperated brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope one day to share full unity with them.

        Followers of other religions (and all people for that matter) can lead virtuous lives…but they do not have the “fullness of the faith” Jesus Christ handed down to His Church. Jesus calls us all to be holy…not just “good people”…which is a tough order in the world today. Catholics are strengthed in this struggle through the opportunity to attend mass, and especially receive grace through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Take care! 🙂

    • The Catholic Church never claimed that all “sinless” people will be preserved from physical decay (such as babies who die). I think the Church regards these cases of incorruptibility as convincing signs of the power of God…people seem to increasingly doubt anything they can not explain with an explanation tied to science or first hand experience. So, these cases cause non-believers and believers alike to to ponder.

  16. 74 GG

    yeah. really interesting sites.. but its kinda weird not to note sources, especially when you copy paste.

  17. 75 liz9

    is it just me or do the lists/articles become noticeably less objective when dealing with Christianity…

    • I disagree – in the article above there is a section on a possible scientific explanation. 🙂

  18. 77 Bex

    While I’m inclined to agree that some of these have been given a good “miracle sheen” by the church; but I have seen exhumed bodies of normal, every day people that look absolutely pristine

  19. 78 ginger

    what’s that on st. silvan’s neck? it looks like someone sliced it or something. :/

    • 79 Looser

      i think he was decapitated

  20. 80 tuttut

    Come on guys. The catholic church would not willingly tell lies for heavens sake!
    The Pope is really gods son on earth and speaks with the authority of god. Why would god then tell us lies?
    The truth is out there but we cant autopsy the bodies because that is a sin and anyone doing the autopsy will be condemned to satans fury for all eternity.

    The church has supernatural power, just like st. bernadette said it does, and this means that ifyou tamper with the church you will release terrible demons into your life and be consumed by satans hate.

    Just do what the Pope tells you in the knowledge that it is gods word and he will protect you.

    Dont believe me? Give me any single example of something that the catholic church is involved in which is evil or mean spirited. go on . you cant because the church is perfect and staffed and run by gods messengers on earth.

    • 81 Cait

      Tuttut, dude…having sex with little boys is not evil and mean spirited? Yeah, okay. I’m not even going to go into the other things the Church has been known for. Lay off the peace pipe and open a science book, man.

      • 82 Katherine

        cait i love your comment. thanks for helping to call out this ridiculous person.

        hmmm let me think, what has the church done that is evil and mean spirited?
        well what about castrating choir boys? what about burning people on a stake because they were thought to be witches? and not to mention the sexual abuse of many little boys (and girls)?

        yeah, the church NEVER did anything evil. NEVER. pffft.

        • 83 Matty

          and i’m sure all of your actions are perfect.

          • 84 mauve

            Well, I can say this much, I don’t rape little children, and I certainly don’t have any witches burning in my backyard. The Catholic Church is full of ignorant hypocrites, I’ve been educated by them, I would know. This saint stuff is clearly an example of someone’s inability to read science books.

          • 85 Bekka

            Matty they were not saying their own actions were perfect but if you read the reply which they are speaking of he is saying the Catholic Church is [perfect. This is not the case, any Catholic will tell you that the Pope as a man is as fallible as any other, it is just in matters of the church that he is supposedly infallible. I support the right to have a religion of ones choice, but don’t say that your religion is perfect and never bad, every religion on earth has negative things happen and documented in the name of God, its awful but its true.

        • 86 Tiktaalik

          Not to mention that whole Crusades business…

        • 87 SKE

          Just because certain (not ALL) priests in the Catholic Church have committed horrible crimes to boys (and possibly girls), and in the PAST the Catholic Church committed hateful crimes, does not mean the the present day Catholic Church is full of hypocrites and is all bad. Yes – there have been some popes and priests in history who have been, let’s say, evil, but just because that chose a to live a life without God does not make the entire Catholic Church evil! These people simply have strayed away from their path and it’s a shame..

      • 88 Kirribillilady

        Cait, Tuttut is a nutter but I don’t think the Church as a whole can be held responsible for the pervert priests. The mistake made by the very fallible bishops was moving the perverts from one parish or school to another and letting them carry on with their revolting hobby. I think a pedophile priest is worse than a standard pedophile because the priest KNOWS it is wrong. He has had a wonderful education and still does these horrible things. All pedophile priests should be chucked out of the priesthood, be excommunicated and spend the rest of their lives in a very harshly run prison à la The Ballad of Redding Gaol.

        • 89 Matty

          I can’t remember, is it just the Catholic Bible that says not to judge or is it all of them?

    • 90 Kirribillilady

      Tuttut – you’ve got to be kidding. Nobody within the church maintains that the Pope is “god’s son on earth”. And as for “releasing terrible demons” – that is really round the twist.
      I presume (and hope) that you are having a laugh – but it’s not very funny. It would be scary if you were serious.
      Go and pray for enlightenment and think a bit about the Inquisition.

    • 91 oasis

      i have been interested in the lives of saints, particularly about how their attributes came about. i was educated in catholic schools during my primary and secondary years, and we celebrated saints all through out the school years. i dont think that being flawless is the only way to say that a corpse is incorruptable. i think that the mere fact that the body did not decompose and did not go through all four phases of break down, ruling out all environmental factors, is something beyond normal. whether they are covered, lined, preserved after exhumation, they are still considered incorruptable, as their human remains had not been corrupted by earth. i think this is the whole sense of being an incorruptable.

      now about that thing about the church, i think you should go back to history, where non-christians were killed by the papal knights because they wont give up their faith. you should also think about how the church condemned joan of arc of heresy, and how the pope sided with mary of scotts about elisabeth, and favored the idea of assassination of non-christians. this is a historical facts. there are still other issues behind the walls of every church. let’s just remember that it is not the building or the people in it whom we need to follow, but what is good. nothing is perfect, as long as it is run by mere mortals like us. you can only be the best you can be in the eyes of God, but you can never be perfect.

    • 92 SKE

      rbe – I’m sorry you feel that way about Catholics. But I have something to say.

      Catholics do not worship Mary or any other saints for that matter. We look up to them for guidance and ask that they pray for us! Yes – the Catholic Church was evil and corrupt once upon a time, in the past, but the Catholic Church isn’t that way anymore. When you look at the history of the Catholic Church, I believe they were only evil and corrupt because of the people running it. The beliefs of Catholics, in my opinion and faith, are not corrupt. Actually, the people who were in charger of the Catholic Church ages ago when it was evil were the corrupt ones, not the Church. I know that I probably will not change your mind, but I felt the need to defend my faith, no matter how wrong you think I may be.

    • 93 Ed Richards

      The Spanish Inquisition? Thousands tortured and murdered and sanctioned by the Catholic Church and ordered by the pope. Thats only ONE example. I have DOZENS others.

    • 94 Mark

      The Church is an institution run by human beings. These human beings are just as imperfect as the rest of us. It is a very politicized organization. So what? That means that the basic articles of faith are not to be believed? One has to separate the imperfections of the people running the institution from the values of the institution. The members of Congress are less than perfect but that does not lessen the basic values on which the country was founded. Even the founding fathers were in some cases less that admirable people.

  21. way more than just a thin layer of wax on these buddy. on most of them the entire head is wax. like the most famous st. bernadette. you can see that the head and hands are 100% wax. see the raised eyebrows with the brown paint? it’s actually not even that good of a depiction if you look through some of the photos of her. they could have at least used real hair, or not done up the face or hands so much for someone who would have never cared at all about personal appearance. it really is sad what people will believe.

  22. 96 stephen


    Can you verify if the body of St. John Bosco is real and not a replica?



  23. 97 spinks

    I can’t help noticing than many of these corpses appear to have died immediately after undergoing a quick facial. Praise be for seaweed scrubs!

    Yes, many bodies do remain strikingly well-preserved for a long time after death. Research ‘adipocere’… it sometimes comes with pictures! Some of these guys you could probably polish the floor with.

    But these people have most likely died, remained uncommonly-but-not-miraculously preserved and then been tarted and spruced up for that added front-page factor. Huh – some people aren’t allowed to let themselves go even after death.

    The ‘…and now for the perfunctory science bit’ is somewhat lacking in this article. Its presence is a bit like the token ethnic minority in a university brochure. It’s there but it looks so damn tacked on. Boo!

  24. 98 tasmanian boy

    Tuttut seems to be some sort of nutcase fanatic. Open your mind to science and be rid of this childish belief in fairies and twisted self-serving teachings. The catholic church is the biggest scam in the history of the world. Its function is to gain and hold power, money and a fresh supply of children for child sex crimes. It relies on gullible and insecure people to keep these three things in abundance. The fact is the catholic church is evil and a brainwashing, deceitful organisation.

    • 99 Kirribillilady

      A little harsh, surely?

      • 100 Matty

        It is a sad world we live in when there is so much hate and anger.

        • 101 rbe

          Religion started the hate. Mainly Judaism,Islam, Christianity. Those three started it. Look at the history of the World and you can CLEARLY SEE what those religions did and still do to the world. Don’t tell me that those religions didn’t because facts SPEAK for themselves.
          You live in Denial obviously. Look at the Inquisition. Look at Nazi Germany. Look at the conquest of the Americas. If I were a judge I would sentance you to live among gay people,mexicans,asians,the homeless, the oppressed for the rest of your life till you become accepting and not judgemental.

          • 102 kit

            Christianity is not a religion of hate. true, there are dark periods in the Church. but one must not forget, that at the darkest events in history, many Catholic Christians served as beacons of love and compassion for ALL. St. Camillus, St. John Vianney, St. Margaret, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Pere Louis Chauvet, Andrew Kim Taegon, Padre Pio, Mother Teresa..just to name a few. and the list could go on and on.

    • 103 Rosie


    • 104 SKE

      Tasmanian boy – I’m sorry you feel that way, but as a Catholic myself, I disagree with everything you just said. The Catholic Church isn’t that way at all! And as for the ‘fresh supply of children for child sex crimes’, I will say that these horrible crimes committed by priests are not done by ALL and EVERY priests. The priests that commit these crimes are corrupt and it’s sad that they strayed away from the teachings of the Catholic Church. They should be stripped of their priesthood and banned from ever being a priest ever again. The ‘fact that the Catholic Church is evil and brainwashing, deceitful organization’ is actually a lie, in my opinion and belief. I hope that you can somehow find happiness in your life (if you haven’t already) and just leave the Catholic Church alone if you don’t like it. You can have your opinions, I really don’t care. No matter what you say, I’ll hold my beliefs strong and be happy.

    • 105 Raphael

      The Catholic Church is obviously ALL ABOUT hoarding money. Look at all the orphanages, schools, and hospitals they’ve built! Those greedy scumbags, giving away all that money! How dare they run homeless shelters and food banks!

      It is surely “the biggest scam in the history of the world.”
      If by “scam,” you mean organization that spends billions of dollars a year to help poor people.

  25. 106 stephen

    I just got confirmation that the one in the picture is just a wax likeness and not the body of Don Bosco from a Salesian priest. Although there are relics inside the urn.

    I hope you will correct your entry there although I have no idea whether the remains of Don Bosco when exhumed was incorrupt.

    I have read in a website that said that only the bones remained when they exhumed it although I can’t get confirmation on that.

  26. 107 Cait

    Ahh, frickin awesome. I’m glad you did a post about this. It’s always scared me and intrigued me. I’m an atheist, and naturally I try to find a scientific explanation for everything first, I can honestly say that I just plain don’t know about this stuff. Maybe I haven’t researched it enough or dug deep enough, but wow…those pictures are so amazing. When I go to school for anthropology in a few years I’d like to study this kind of stuff some more.

  27. 108 leon

    Does anyone actually believe any of this stuff? Dude, stick to the science and all the other topics, your cred just went down a couple of notches with this post, and how you tried to defend it. Cmon, we all know that the church would stop at nothing just to get their hands on those tourist dollars.
    And tuttut, get your head out of your ass for once and try to find out what your church has done through the centuries it has existed.

  28. 109 vien

    Madame Tussauds would be so proud!

  29. 110 tomba

    These are not made of wax! Wax deteriorates with time and is prone to cracking and infestation by insects and fungi.

    The beautiful faces of these Saints are preserved by Gods Holy Grace and will never corrupt. Even fires and floods have not marred the angelic bliss shown by these glorious Saints.

    The negative and hateful comments on here are from devil worshippers who dont realise that Lucifer is controlling them. Evil atheists will join Communist Stalin, Lenin and Mao in Hell. Non Catholics have but 1 chance to repent their sins by joining the only church with a historical proof – the Roman Catholic Church.

    • 111 Kirribillilady

      Tomba, try to be a bit more ecumenical about things. Where did you get these crazy ideas? Obviously, your Catholic Church has nothing to do with the Catholic Church I vaguely know. I was taught a very different view, thank God.
      And Tomba, look up ecumenical in a theological dictionary. You might learn something.

    • 112 oasis

      Breathe, dear tomba…

      Is this what Your Catholic Church teaches you? Judge other people outside Your Catholic Church?

      As far as I know, (by the way, I was born, raised, and educated as a Catholic), no body has the right to judge people, and order them what’s good or they should do for their good. Nobody can condemn anyone, no matter how bad other people are. We can only do so much, but we were all given the best gift – the freedom to choose.

      The issue is always faith. It’s not about which church you go to every Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday, or whatever day, (that is if you even go to church) or what kind of worship you attend to. It’s about how you apply the teachings of your church to do good to others. The important thing is, you dont hurt anyone, you dont steal from anyone, you dont do bad things to anyone, and most of all, you dont judge anyone. For all you know, we all have the same principle in keeping our faith. Church should not be equated to gods, deities, what have you. Religions are but names for the community. At the end of the day, these “doctrines” only lead to one thing — believe, and you will be saved. Do good, and you will be rewarded.

      Think about that…

      • 113 ange

        God help us, Oasis, if you think you were “educated as a Catholic.” Your ignorance of Church history and teaching is astounding. The catechesis of the past 40+ years has been horrible and you are proof of that. Read your 1991/1997 catechism on judgment, if you even own one. Don’t claim to know and try to spread “Church teaching” when you are drowning in ignorance. You are to judge actions as sins. You just cannot say someone is going to hell as you are not God.

        Queen Elizabeth 1 tortured thousands of Catholics. She outlawed Catholicism. Your “historical facts” are hogwash.

    • 114 Eyes

      Obviously, you are just a troll trying to start a huge argument. If you don’t believe in any of this, than why read the article and comment on it?

  30. 115 III

    Everyone on this website is extremely atheist or super Christian. One or the other. I mean come on there is no way the catholic church is trafficking children….. and you can’t blame the actions of a few twisted priests on the entire church. That is like me saying that one atheist committed a sexual crime therefore all atheists are part of an evil conspiracy to corrupt the world. On the other hand most of these bodies have probably been altered in some way to make them appear incorruptible. I think it is an insult to the saints, and the church. Why should faith have to be boosted by fake signs? Some of them have to be real though. I mean lets face it there are some things that are unexplainable even by you live in the grey sit on the computer all day atheist types.

    • 116 Anthony

      I think you make a good point. Most of the internet is polarized by arguments completely on one side or the other.

      The problem here is that this article presents these as natural pictures. Then when wax was brought up the author argues against it and then admit there is a “thin layer” of wax. Then more and more people start looking into it, and we find that some of these people had their entire faces replaced by wax after vandals destroyed the original.

      So yes, this little lies and untruths do bring out polarized view points as part of the population hates being duped, and another part of the population is religious – but they can’t disassociate their belief in a god from a belief in all this religious relic crap. There is this idea that if you believe in a god you have to believe in just about everything else that goes along with it, no matter how little you know about it – which leads to a lot of uninformed people making uninformed defenses of things they know nothing about simply because they feel like they have to.

      • 117 ange

        Maybe it would help if you read the book “The Incorruptibles” and the scientific analysis done on the corpses before making judgments on “religious crap”. The only crap is the thoughts you are expressing.

        Talk about uninformed. ” I look at a website, and the picture looks weird, so it must not be true.”
        Meanwhile, even the Catholic Church doesn’t want to be duped, either, so it has neutral doctors look at this stuff to see if there is any other possible explanation.

        BTW, the only reason Bernadette was exhumed was to fix the water damage to the leaking graves around her. She was found in grave covered in water and lime. Like I said, get some facts.

  31. see through your eyes not through your mouth.
    o poor little heads of these doubtful people.
    both science and FAITH works.
    i am a true believer of God.take note that if you write God’s name you should write it on a first capital letter.
    See it through your heart.
    It is true that saintly people shall live through eternity. I hope that you will understand it through what in between the lines are saying. I came from a Roman Catholic society, here in the Philippines and here, it is much explained how to believe what we should believe and know what is really the right and proper to see and feel.
    You really cannot tell if you really does not even know how to see Him because you are blinded by the idolatry of worldly things and confused due to the unstable foundations that were rooted onto your minds. Skepticism is one of the problems of our society…

    • 119 Anthony

      Ah yes, instead society should just believe everything they are told.

      Did you know that a Nigerian prince is trying to escape persecution, and if you help him by wiring him 5,000 dollars he will repay you with 3.5 million dollars? Really, its true! He has been emailing like evrybody about this. Why don’t you believe me? Don’t be skeptical now, open your mind….

      fucking idiot.

      • 120 Pink

        Because people dont share your views, doesnt means they are idiots. So grow up and accept that the world is full of people with different opinions. To a certain extend your view is as valuable to anyone else’s.

    • 121 rbe

      putong gino mong.

  32. 122 billy tessier

    There is a terrible dilemma here. The so-called (never proven) paedophile priests were merely tempted by satan (no capitals for this demon). The fact that they sinned and repented because of demonic influences doesnt invalidate their status as priests. ON the contrary it makes them even more saintly.
    The priest who is tempted and succumbs to a demonic influence and still REMAINS in post despite the temptation is to be admired.
    The fathers of the church who support such poor tormented men are to be given the highest praise because they are imitating Christ by forgiving weak men tempted into sin by demons.

    The Catholic Church spends billions of dollars every year on treating aids, leprosy, diarrhea, and maleria. All that they want in return is for you to save the immortal soul presented to you by Gentle Jesus and His Father our God.

    Unfortunately, the mockers and scoffers are in league with lucifer and his minions – and like those fallen scum angels will also revolve in eternity on skewers dipped in boiling acid. How would you like to be force fed hot excreta for all eternity?
    That is what will happen to ANYONE who does not obey the Holy Catholic Church and our Father on Earth – the Pope.

    • 123 MDCCCIII

      I doubt the poor molested children feel the same way about your priests.

      Satan is my favorite character in the Bible, as it is my opinion that he is simply a character and the Bible is a piece of literature. However, this, in my opinion, is not to discount it; if offers a lot of valuable imagery and symbolism. So do the religious texts of other religions. I have studied it and its para-religious texts (e.g. Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained) and the Divine Comedy, as well as Latin and Greek, so I am not speaking simply from my agnostic point of view.

      In any case Satan (not the same as Lucifer, which is a generic term “light-bringer”—also “the Morning Star” wasn’t Satan, but rather, in all likelihood, a Babylonian king), acts as a function of God, that is, he is the Tempter and the Accuser before God, wherein he confirms or denies the weakness of the tempted. Moreover, it is never explicitly stated, either, that he is the source of sin and evil (i.e. the snake in Eden). This is a myth perpetuated by Milton and distorted thus in newer ‘translations’ of the Bible. So marks the end of my spiel, brought on once again by the sad ignorance of an extremist.

      Anyways, as such, these saints, waxy or not, defy reality as I know it. I simply wish that it were possible to test ‘incorruptibility’ truly scientifically, via chemical testing and autopsy (which, I know, are evil and sinful in the eyes of believers, I understand that). I also lament the fact that I am indeed lazy, otherwise I would track those sources the author chose not to cite.

      There is nothing wrong with faith, or simply accepting and believing that the ‘Incorruptibles’ are the product of a pristine life, yet it is unfair to force this opinion on others. However, if you choose to start a flamewar, I suggest being knowledgeable about that of which you are speaking.

      P.S. I realize this was probably a Tl;dr post, written months after the fact, but if you made it this far, I thank you for paying attention to my post, whether or not you agree with it.

      • 124 ange

        They were tested. Read the book The Incorruptibles. I suppose the Catholic Church was considered “evil and sinful” to check authenticity.

    • 125 charity

      Hmmm….wasn’t it Christ himself who said something about “offense of a child…” Yup I think it was, Luke 17:2 “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin” So what do you think Jesus was referencing when he mentioned this nearly irredeemable sin??? A sin so bad that a horrific death would be preferable???
      Also, forgiveness is not forgetfulness. It is not a victim’s job to be responsible for the the redemption of the people that harmed him/her. And it is this suggestion that the victim somehow has the responsibility for the predators soul that ONCE AGAIN blames the victim. There are evil people in this world, and they are allowed to continue their evil (and they love it) because you “forgive and forget” (and demand that the victim redeems the perpetrator by “forgiving and forgetting”) which allows them BACK into the same position of power to abuse further. You know who supports this mentality? The truly, truly ignorant, who have NO IDEA what it means to have suffered this kind of pain before, and the monsters who inflict it.

  33. 126 SSS

    billy tessier, what the hell?? i couldnt tell if u were actually seriuos about god and all that crap (not that i disrespect anyone because of theyr beliefs) or if u were being sarcastic about how the “church” acts towards people… anyway thats messed up..

  34. 127 SSS

    Billy.. i just read ur reply again… and Seriously… Full GROWN MEN who abuse LITTLE CHILDREN are to be considered more saintly??? are u completly out of your mind???!!
    How would u feel if a priest absed ur mother , sister, daughter, or even u?? would u just say… oh nevermind! bless him, lets just forget about it!! You are absolutly effing out of your bloody mind… poor tormented men???? what about the families of these children??

  35. 128 g3

    Very religious here and still confused by Billy’s comment. Someone who sins and repents is to be forgiven… if they repent sincerely, which would mean they came forward before being accused, made amends, and removed themselves from a position of trust. God, Jesus, disciples, I can’t think of a situation in the bible where we were told to put sinners in the position to sin again and trust them. Maybe we can forgive them, maybe we can forgive ourselves for not seeing their true behavior, but letting them stay in that position… Only God can see into men’s hearts and know if they have truly repented. We’re human and we can’t. God will understand if we still protect our children from such men, and if they are truly repentant, they will understand too.

  36. what are you talking about??>..judgemental, narrow-minded, and definitely has the satanic view of the world..
    people who has no head are just like an empty can that rolls over the streets and make noise unlike those filled cans who just stay at one side and be contented and fulfilled.

  37. 130 carcar

    i’m a Catholic and i only worship the one True God. i dont beleive in all your guys’ crap. i beleive that those incorruptibles are really incorrupt! but i do know SOME of em do have wax on em.

    • 131 Anthony

      You do realize that it is possible to believe in god without believing in every piece of crap religious shit that gets thrown your way, right?

  38. 132 billy tessier

    Listen. Jesus forgave the Jews who murdered him, he forgave the Jews who betrayed him. He forgave the Jews in the Temple who were extorting money out of ordinary decent people.
    Jesus disassociated himself from Jews and was forgiving, loving and gentle to everyone except Jews.

    Jesus has forgiven the priests tempted by demons in childrens bodies. Priests who have sex commit grave sins but they are not Jews who betrayed him to Roman Atheists, they are fallible men tempted by demons.

    Priests are wonderful men who serve without pay, with very poor clothes, and in second hand clothes in many cases.

    Priests must not be ostracised by a society obsessed, like Sodom and Gomorrah, by filthy sex.

    They deserve our love.

    • 133 Anthony

      WTF are you on about. This is about dead waxy people, not sexy priests.

      • 134 Valeria


        After seeing those horrid corpses, I can use a good laugh.


    • 135 rbe

      Catholic people need to quit believing the churches lies. Communism seems better than what you believe and you know what, it’s both the same. Controlling people.
      you Catholics are all alike except for those who believe in the liberal form of Catholicism. They are good Catholics because they aren’t kissing the popes but for approval. I like those catholics who care about gay people and not judge them, I like the catholics who don’t oppress non believers, I like the catholics who disagree with the Vatican openly.

      • Those people are not Catholic – a Catholic must accept all of the teachings of the Catholic Church and have obedience to the hierarchy. Those “liberal” Catholics who dissent are called apostates and are not members of the Church.

    • 137 charity

      Haha! You know NOTHING! Case in point pedo-troll.

  39. 138 Constantine Benedict

    Actually, with St. Bernadette of Lourdes that is not her actual face. In fact it is a death mask. Unfortunately her face was terribly disfigured by vandals, everything else is just as is.


    Another site that notes that Bernadette’s face and hands appear the way they do thanks to wax masks. This was a tradition of the French churches and was performed habitually, not just on Bernadette. The statements taken from those present, including the doctor who performed the removal of the relics, acknowledge that the skin existed in a state that is not consistent with the current appearance of the body, further proving that the “visible” portions of the body that is currently on display are wax replicas, and that her “true” body lay beneath these replicas. I have no doubt that the reasons the wax replicas were produced were twofold: to present a more lifelike, pleasing figure for the public eye (as the site notes, “as it was feared that although the body was mummified, the blackish tinge to the face and the sunken eyes and nose would make an unpleasant impression on the public,” and secondly to ensure that no further damage from either light or general exposure became the body. I have no notations or proof of vandalism of the body, although if it was truly only exhumed those few times and by a specific group of people each time in a controlled environment, I would imagine no real, exclusive “vandalism” occurred.

    i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Bernadette’s body is not the only one that has had some preservation efforts performed, including but not limited to the usage and application of wax masks on various visible skin portions. I can only conclude that the bodies that are so amazingly well-preserved are either replicas, with the true originals left in storage to prevent further decay, or “made-up” bodies with wax moldings applied. The bodies that truly seem to be “mummified” – those that do show some sign of having existed in their current state longer than a few weeks; bodies that appear darkened and somewhat shriveled in a more natural state of “decomposition” if you will – may well be “incorruptible” bodies, mummified in better states of preservation by whatever.

    I am curious as to where the original author has disappeared to, and why he is no longer defending his article. i will certainly agree that this is a very good compilation of what facts he was inclined to find, and that it is a good collection of various “incorruptible” bodies and the stories behind them, but I also agree that he, at best, glossed over potential natural/scientific explanations for the state of the bodies that look newly-dead or sleeping, and am curious as to why he (and others) seem so keen to imply that the doctors and priests sworn under oath to work on and describe the bodies of these saints were lying in their descriptions.

    TL;DR version: Eye-witness reports confirm that Bernadette’s body did NOT look that perfect during either exhumation and acknowledge the placement of wax masks upon the face and hands. Surely she is not the only saint that has had this procedure performed.

    • 140 Anthony

      He is too busy writing more of this crap. Don’t get me wrong, JFrater has written some intelligent articles/lists, but he commonly sensationalizes things.

  41. 141 chris

    Full-tilt load. There is no religious sect that has managed to transcend biology. While some of those corpses may have been preserved under optimal circumstances, left on a street corner (provided they haven’t been filled with embalming fluids) they would be consumed by maggots within a week.

  42. 142 Anthony

    JFrater – If you hope for this site to become popular then you really need to not sensationalize topics just to draw traffic. You have absurdly defended this article by repeatedly claiming that they are only very thin wax masks, where in some cases these peoples entire heads have been destroyed, and so the face in your picture is entirely made of wax.

    You would do well to present both sides of a topic rather then get carried away with the mystique of something.

    That is a link to the skeptics dictionary. They are biased in that they do not accept anything for face value and always demand proof. They are also biased in that they set out to prove things wrong. As opposed to the church which is biased in that it always defends itself and can take centuries to admit wrong doing.

    The Skeptics Dictionary however does source all of their research and is very upfront about their findings and who was involved in them. The same can not be said for this website which does not source anything and tends to take a light hearted approach to these topics, only to turn around and defend them with more vigor in the comments than any attempt that was made in the actual article.

  43. 143 morgtician

    the body after death naturally expels a wax from within, you can see this on a cold piece of chicken breast in the refridgerator. Anyway bacteria eminates from within, this is part of decomposition process regardless, witnes a dead mouse in a garden the cat has had, after a few hours you can see a remarkable difference. These incorrutibles are as they appear, uncollapsed, fresh, unafected by time, i wish you could get a meat pie to stay this fresh after a week or two for all its preservatives, you all sound so confussed with it all,

  44. 144 maddy

    Any intelligent people out there?
    BODIES decay. this is not about bodies but about the physical representation of Holiness. God will, upon occasion, to prove His might make some intrusions into our corporeal world. One of these intrusions is the incorruptability of saintly bodies.

    To put it bluntly, God shows His power for us to marvel in awe and realise we are destined for eternal agony unless we submit to His will.

    The Muslims know this. The word Islam literally means surrender.

    Christians are given signs time after time and ignore them. Our Gracious Lord is trying to hint to us that the evils of war, drugs and an obsession with animal sex is turning us into the Devils children.

    We need another religious revolution; Muslim, Christian, Jew and Hindu must unite to eradicate Atheists. It is YOUR right not to believe in God but it is my DUTY to eradicate you.

    The worm will turn. Jesus will rule once more.

    • 145 mauve

      Maddy Darling, have you ever read a bible? I mean its my least favorite book and I still know it says something about loving your neighbor and how killing is a sin. I’m pretty sure every atheist on the planet will get into heaven before hateful religious ass holes like you. Sorry, but Hitler already tried eradicating people, and he is considered to be one of the most evil men in history, you sound a lot like him right now.

    • 146 Tiktaalik

      Feel that Christian love!

    • 147 rbe

      I wish I knew where you lived. I would recommend a great psychiatrist for mental nutcases like yourself. You just proved that even insane people exist on earth.
      Have a great day and a great life.

  45. 148 hotspur666

    Maddy, your Jesus sound a lot like Allah…

    Go lapidate a woman, as your kind love to do to “sinners”, mahomet-baphomet!

  46. 149 Dinglefritz

    Chronic arsenic poisoning leaves victims with waxy smooth skin, abdomens distended from a swollen liver and their hair falls out. That or some other toxin could be one explanation.

  47. 150 vince

    So priests rape boys?
    saints are made of wax?
    God doesnt exist?

    Just wait until st Peter grills you on judgement day – you are going to scream in agony for all eternity. Gentle Jesus will roast your eyes for all eternity for not submitting to His merciful love.

    • 151 billybob

      of course priests rape little boys you idiot, don’t you watch the news?

    • 152 oasis

      uhhmmm… and since when did Peter start grilling people during judgement day? has he been promoted to be the supreme heaven justice to give a sentence?

    • 153 rbe

      Get professional help my friend. You need psychiatric care.

  48. 154 Bela the Hun

    O sancta simplicitas.

  49. 155 vince

    There is no element of unthinking dogma in my comment – the realities of Hell are clearly described by all Christian scholars. Mock as you will. Only the chosen ones will be with the Holy Angels.

    The rest will vomit in terror for all eternity.

    • 156 Edonyx

      I can’t wait to vomit in terror for all eternity.

  50. 157 Aaron

    Just stop and think…Why would you even doubt in the first place? You think the Catholic church is going to waste its time by trying to fool people? No! What is the gain? This is my response for all those people who are doubting, especially you Aceman. Believe without seeing especially because you are not in control of your life and if you try to use science (gravity and all that carp you talk about) to explain the works of God then you are up to something else! Because science did not breath that breath of life into you, and science cannot prevent it from ceasing when it is going to cease. God made us all and we should strive to be like these saints and even better.

    • 158 Minto

      Really? You don’t think the Catholic Church has anything to gain by lying? The Church exists to sell itself. If it can lie or bend the truth here and there, it could entice a large number of people, thus sustaining itself. Surely that makes sense to you?

  51. 159 Whyme?

    reading this string of comments just ruined my day…
    Anyway, this was a nice article, albeit the negative comments and the scandals and…wait, I’m getting off topic. I love and respect God and all his works, growing up in a Catholic family (not extreme, mind you) and I did a school project on how these bodies don’t decompose. Either some higher power did not allow for the body to decompose, or (very) special circumstances in burial/exhumation. The wax on the skin could be created from saponification, but most likely it was put on.
    To all atheists – it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in God, if you are doing good to others and not sinning (very broad term) like killing, rape, etc., you are doing His will, no matter what you say. “Actions speak louder than words” my friends.

  52. 160 Irish

    Thank you whyme? finally a sensible comment.

  53. 161 Gary Richardson

    I have no doubt that many of these reports of saints bodies being incorruptible are true. Without embalming a dead body will last a very short time in the grave. Even when embalmed, decompisition takes place quickly. A corpse buired in a watertight casket and vaullt will decompose anyway. Considering these facts, the incoruptible bodies of saints should be considered a sign and a wonder, as spoken of in the scriptures.

  54. 162 Jennier

    Im noting a very of these “fanatical” comments are pretty obviously sarcasm. Anyone else catching that? Show of hands? So let’s calm down and realize that instead of assuming they are all serious because it is your the replier that comes off sounding like that naive one.

    Really I say, it’s aliens who were in contact with these “Saints” and helped them perform their “miracles” and now they get to stay pretty pretty dead people. Then bigfoots came down and made a few crop circles to guide us to the WIzard of Oz.

    On another serious note, remember how well perserved the body of Medgar Evers was when it was exhumed. I think it can happen to anyone (not that Mr.Evers was just anyone) but even if we don’t know the explanation doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  55. 163 epk

    Interesting article and feedback – just ask yourself this how is it that they remain incorruptible – if it is “bullshit”” then where are the scientists to prove it wrong

    • 164 Just saying

      as mentioned earlier on in the comments, scientists aren’t allowed to prove it wrong as autopsy’s etc that would proove it are “evil” etc in the eyes of God

      • 165 ange

        Scientists have examined the corpses as mentioned earlier.

  56. Кстати подобное придумали где-то лет 10 назад , а то и больше.:

  57. 167 Voice of Sanity

    I am an atheist and I absolutely cannot fathom how it is possible for someone to believe in something as utterly ridiculous as an all seeing, all knowing, invisible man in the sky. What are you people smoking?

    The church doesn’t lie? Hello, the church is a lie. And the threat of hell to keep you on the straight and narrow is no different than telling a child if they are bad, Santa won’t bring them anything.

    But you know, I am not allowed to question this. Religion is the only thing in the world that people are not allowed to question. It is badbadbad to question religion. And why is that? Because the number one argument to prove the existence of a higher power is faith. Faith isn’t proof. Faith is weakness. Faith is needing to believe if you are a good person, no matter how crappy your life is, some magical being will some day rescue you and take you to live on the fluffy clouds and eat philly cream cheese with attractive angels….. or some such drivel.

    Let me tell you, when you finally tear off the god glasses, and yes, I spelled it with a lowercase letter because I know no lightning bolts are gonna hit me unless I go golfing on a mountain in the rain, you can appreciate things around you for what they are, not how they fit into the invisible man’s invisible plan.

    Live your life people. All you have for sure is the moment you are living in right now. Make the most of it and stop fantasizing about things that you definitely aren’t going to get when you’re dead. Because you will be dead, whether you are rotten, or dried out and covered in wax on display in a house of lies, the game will be over.

    • 168 Valeria

      AMEN AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!! A sane voice !!!!!!!!!

      As for me, I’d like to recline on fluffy clouds with Philly Cream Cheese and attractive BAGELS, rather than attractive angels.


    • 169 Dylan Thomas

      You’re name is more like “voice of INSANITY”. It’s the voice an evil power within you. This site is for people who want inspiration from God, not for those who want to follow evil. I can’t understand why people would go through life with no faith in God. By seeing the Saint bodies you should be terrified, Mr. ( I presume) “Voice of Sanity”. It means God has a great plan for all who follow him. He will come some day for his faithful children.

      • 170 Dylan Thomas

        To clarify my statement of God’s plan, it means that he will reward the saints and take them in their new bodies to Heaven, when He is ready to end this world.

        I believe that the incorrupt bodies prove that He does exist. The bodies must be incorrupt because the saints led holy lives and it may prove that the holy life will come with a great reward. It may be eternal rest in God’s Heaven. The bodies must be reflecting the great peace and joy that the saints’ spirits are experiencing. It shows clearly that they are resting after a life of working for God. That is how I view it.

        I’m not in the Catholic faith, but I believe that saints are role models for all Christians. I believe all the stories of the saints, literally. If one is Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian or any other branch of Christianity, you can make a better world for those in need by following Christ and the examples of His countless saints.

  58. It’s a longstanding misconception that St Clare’s body is incorrupt.
    Her skeletal remains had first been placed inside of a wax effigy which gave rise to this misunderstanding. Later in the new display case, they were placed in the supporting stand beneath the new wax effigy. The nuns of the monastery are able to view the skeletal relics from behind the stand, as it has a glass backing to it.
    I have seen it.
    But that’s just an aside.
    Whatever the explanation for those bodies which truly are incorrupt, the holiness of the saint does not depend on it. It is their lives that inspire us, right?

  59. 172 Gert

    Ok first these are presented to people as completely without any human intervention to preserve, then you say they’ve been waxed, which would be similar at least to the preservation efforts taken with mummies.HMMMM I’m just saying.

    Second, where is your properly executed scientific proof? Why there is no such. No one is digging up other bodies buried in the same areas at the same times and displaying them or pictures of them. No one is presenting evidence regarding the depth of burial, content of the soil, temperature of the region during their period of burial, temperature during those first, critical months,

    There is much scientific evidence things like these might affect the preservation of bodies. Secondarily, no one is running around digging up a random selection of bodies just to see how often this might happen otherwise. hmmm. I’m just saying.

    Now I’m going to sit back and wait for everyone to attack me as a doubting Thomas, seeing as this is oh so much easier than to actually address my questions. Something Jesus had no trouble doing for Thomas. hmm I’m just saying.

    I am not against accepting some things on faith, nor are most of us. I mean how may of us understand the exact way electric current and wiring works to cause a light to turn on when we flip a switch, and yet we expect the light to come on when we do it. Don’t believe me, take someone to a dim or dark room with a fake switch by the door and see how long it takes them to hunt it out and flip it…and flip it several times to be sure. For those who complain this has nothing to do with Saints, think again. Does not electricity light our homes via the harnessing of natural processes?

    • 173 Valeria

      Being a recovering catholic for many years, I recall that one of the mainstay rules was that as a catholic, you are expected to take everything as fact without wanting to or actually exploring the truth of the matter. UGH!!!!! And so it’s no surprise that no one questions, as you have, the fact of incorruptibility. To me, the sight of these old corpses is the stuff of nightmares.

      • 174 Raphael

        Where did you grow up?

        I am Catholic and proud (that alone will probably qualify me as “stupid” by a large faction of other posters). I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten all the way through high school. Not one single fellow student or fellow Catholic was EVER scolded/frowned upon by the faculty for asking questions about teachings of the Church.

        Apologetics is defined by Wikipedia as “the discipline of defending a position (usually religious) through the systematic use of reason.” An apologist doesn’t have to be a saint, have their own TV show, etc. Anyone who uses logic to answer questions about their faith is an apologist. Therefore, there have been hundreds of millions of Catholic apologists throughout history, and they all questioned their faith. But instead of being discouraged by, say, a grumpy old nun who told them to stop asking questions, they researched Catholic teachings and talked to older Catholics who could explain to them what the Church teaches and why.

        Is it logical to believe that hundreds of millions of people, many of whom were intelligent in a general sense, would be satisfied with vague answers and would be willing to accept and follow illogical, baseless teachings?

        Or maybe, just maybe, they found answers to their questions.

      • 175 ange

        Then you were poorly catechized. I am sorry for this. Human dignity gives everyone the right to find the truth, and live by it, or reject it. Check the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2106, 2107, 2108. Please do not misrepresent. If you don’t know, say nothing.

    • 176 ange

      Yes, they did. All the bodies around St Bernadette rotted. Read the book, because scientists did do autopsies and tried to find explanations.

    • 177 ange

      But there is scientific proof. Several scientists have examined the corpses during autopsies and did examine the grave sites. Why on earth would you say there is “no such”…properly executed scientific proof” when you obviously didn’t try very hard to investigate?

      Why not try to refute the findings of theses scientists instead of maintaining that proof does not exist? At least that would be honest.

      It makes every thing you say suspicious because you didn’t bother to research before shooting your mouth off.

  60. 178 C. Cabrera

    If anyone reads the Bible here, please note that the “saints” were people who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Although they were still imperfect people, Paul writes to the them as saints at Ephesus, Rome, Collasae, etc, etc. and these were living people in his time who would read or be read to. In the same way saints today are people who accept the work of Jesus Christ dying on the cross on their behalf to be called saved and as the way to be forgiven and cleansed of sin and therefore obtianing access to communication with the true God and Father of Jesus Christ. these are saints. I actually don’t see much credit given to Jesus Christ when a “saint” is beatified. His/Her sainthood seems to be based on the good works they have done, and very little is said about their gloryfying the Lord that died for them. In other words, too much attention is given to a person to distract from the truth of the gospel. We are to look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith and to give him glory, not ourselves.

  61. 179 Mandy

    The link:
    gives an overview of the scientific examination. The source should have been listed. It describes the organs as also being incorrupt & soft. These saints are on display to show them to people. Thats it. I seriously doubt worshipping them is required or asked for. I also seriously doubt a majority of them are just bones covered w/wax bodies. That would be a waste of time. Incorrupt means body, bones, flesh & organs did not decay. There are a few w/wax masks and some w/wax coatings. It would be helpful if each photo had more information on which ones have what.

    Here is a link with sources, microscopic slides & photos:

    Scientists are sceptics also. They do not profess anything but the findings. We are not required to believe them. For those posting that you have seen incorrupt saits, please, post photos for everyone. Especially the person who claimed to see bones behind the glass.

  62. 180 Robert

    I have no doubt that these are very real. The catholic Church has far too much to lose should they be fakes. Besides, what do they gain from them, other than curious spectators. I have yet to run into anyone who said “ya know, after I saw those cool lookin dead saints, I decided to become catholic”
    For those with faith no evidence is necessary, for those who are unwilling to believe, no evidence will ever be enough!

  63. 181 natalie

    interesting article although i’d like to point out that St Clare’s remaines were opened and nothing but her skeleton remained so she doesn’t really fit in this article. but other than that, an interesting read

  64. 182 Patrick

    There or numerous cases of Holy Men,Women of other religions whose bodies have not decayed to.Paramahansa Yogananda is one example,Shr Aurobindos body also was in a incorrupt state for a peroid of time ,before it was finaly cremated according to Hindu custom

  65. 183 Kirsten

    Just so you know, St. Maria Goretti is not incorrupt. That is just a wax replica containing her remains. I know….she’s my patron saint!!
    Thanks for posting these, though…they’re all so beautiful!!
    God bless you all!

  66. 184 DRUMA

    That’s amazing. I believe in science and I aprove the scientific method to explain things in this world, but nobody can abnegate that exists a superior force that govern us. Ours senses can’t explain this force but it’s here. These kind of things makes our “real world”, not the “fictional world”. Did you think how pathetic our life would be if we could explain everything?

  67. 185 Terri

    I am Buddhist but I believe in Jesus too and I love him. I believe that these bodies are truly incorrupt. It is an amazing phenomenon that people of little faith can believe. I believe God has done this for a purpose of which we do not know yet. It is truly unbelievable, but truly true.

    • 186 ange

      blessings to you, Terri!

  68. 187 Patrick

    To Tuttut:

    I am sure you “forgot” to remember that the Church is responsible for the abuse inflicted on its young people by “God’s representatives” as you call them. I would dare say this would make most people think about the Church and supernatural powers.

    By the way, for your information, the Pope is God’s representative on earth, not his son! I do not know where you got your information, but, you certainly are amusing as a “Church historian!”

    We are taught to believe that the Pope is infallible when it comes to Church Doctrine and morals. He cannot rule infallible unless the Church, the people that make up this congregation, agree to it.

    Check your history Tuttut!

    • 188 ange

      So I suppose I should despise public school teachers and the thousands of cases brought against them concerning molestation.

    • 189 ange

      RE:He cannot rule infallible unless the Church, the people that make up this congregation, agree to it.

      Source, please. The people do not have to agree, as in a democracy, but it has to be something that was always accepted as belief.

  69. 190 rbe

    It was great to listen to the Catholic lies and fallacies. I sure did learn about the Catholic Religion in one day. Guilt,Shame,self hatred. Wow. I am glad I am not Catholic.
    But, to be fair I will quote a jesus line on you “Judge ye not lest ye be judged, for thy shalt not cast the first stone. Also “Love your neighbor as thyself.
    Those quotes are to counter the bigoted,narrow minded, bible is totally true nutcases out there. You have to love these people. The are the truly mislead ones.
    As for the Christian religion, It used to teach reincarnation, it taught pluralism in different beliefs, even had multitude of gods/goddesses at one point. There were “shamanistic” type people who were into teaching spirituality and the belief in healing through sacred arts. When the Catholic church came into existence, the end of the earlier Christians were brutally executed for blasphemy. Sad.
    Why did your religion become so negative and so evil?
    I will never know. Why did your religion become so jealous of the Gnostics?
    Please take care and learn acceptance and true love. Don’t bow to any false teachers such as the pope and the vatican. They aren’t the real teachers.

    • 191 ange

      Now read the rest of the bible. And try the early Church Fathers as well. Their beliefs are the foundation of the Church, I should say, The Catholic Church.

      I would be interested in your source for “The early Christian religion taught reincarnation”. The Catholic religion was the first Christian Church until Luther.

  70. 192 Fyn

    I love it that anything with the hint of religion is immediately set upon, torn apart, defiled, etc.

    Please don’t lump every “Christian” as Catholic. There is Catholics and Roman Catholics. Protestants encompass Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, and probably a few others I am missing.

    Everyone has different beliefs, be it Atheism, Judaism, Buddhist, Hindu, the list goes on and on.

    Not every “Christian” or someone who believes in another religion is a bigot, nor are they negative, narrow minded or any other slur you can come up to describe them with.

    Tolerance is widely touted, but few practice it, even those who describe themselves as devoted.

    I’m tired of all of this crap. Believe in what you believe, practice what you preach, and quite sincerely, fuck off.

    Have a good day.

    • 193 Some Guy

      Well said, Fyn. I would be perfectly content with the atheists if they had even a hint of respect for my beliefs.

    • 194 ange

      Doesn’t seem to be much tolerance for religious people!

  71. I’m a big admirer! Thanks for posting this

  72. 196 Elrond

    Historically, in the Middle Ages, the Church fought very strongly to preserve its mystery and ‘higher plane’ status – just look at how they firstly tried to keep the Bible only in Latin, so that ‘ordinary’ folk wouldn’t be able to read it. Then consider some of the relics venerated in many Catholic Churches – vials of this saint’s blood, and so on. Some saints have their hearts preserved in several churches at once.

    So, originally, I think it was routine to repair and touch up corpses when they were exhumed, to give this incorruptible aspect. (look at how powerful our God is, when even the coprse of one his chosen doesn’t decay!)

    It was initally denied that the coprse of John XXIII had been in any way preserved; only after the embalmer (whose family had, apparently, been performing this task on dead Popes for many many years) did the Vatican quietly change its tale and now routinely says that the preservation of the Pope’s body is not incorruption but preservation.

    This has been going on for centuries; it is embedded in the Catholic faith, and they cannot lose face by now saying “yes it was embalmed, mummified, preserved (whatever) 150 years ago” so they just continue the fiction.

    (Incidentally, whatever happened to “requiesat inpace”? (rest in peace). Pope John XXIII had about 38 years of “eternal rest” before being dug up and moved and displayed. How long until they decide this is disrespectful and move and bury him again??)

    • 197 ange

      Umm, the Latin Vulgate, translated by St Jerome, was put into the language of the people, LATIN. Without the Catholic Church, who decided which books would occupy the new testament, there would be no new testament.

      Now we have so many people, ignorant of the early Church fathers and their teachings, traditions, etc attempting to make their own interpretations. And we have 28,000 protestant religions and counting!

      • 198 ange

        And that wasn’t the middle ages. St Jerome did that translation after he was born in 347.

        After that, monks had to copy that new testament and it was expensive to handcopy. There was no printing press way back when. And no bible available to the early Church until the fathers gathered the books.

        • 199 ange

          Germanic and Slavonic languages
          The earliest translation into a vernacular European language other than Latin or Greek was the Gothic Bible, by Ulfilas, an Arian who translated from the Greek.
          From the Latin, there are some fragmentary Old English Bible translations, notably a lost translation of the Gospel of John into Old English by the Venerable Bede, which he is said to have completed shortly before his death around the year 735. An Old from wikipedia (a better resource than Lorrane Boettner? ):High German version of the gospel of Matthew dates to 748. Alfred the Great had a number of passages of the Bible circulated in the vernacular about 900. These included passages from the Ten Commandments and the Pentateuch, which he prefixed to a code of laws he promulgated around this time. In approximately 990, a full and freestanding version of the four Gospels in idiomatic Old English appeared, in the West Saxon dialect; these are called the Wessex Gospels.
          The translation into Old Church Slavonic by Cyril and Methodius dates to the late 9th century though whether Cyril had to invent the Glagolitic alphabet for the purpose remains controversial. Versions of Church Slavonic language remain the liturgical languages of the Slavic Eastern Orthodox churches, though subject to some modernization.

  73. 200 kieran

    well i am an on the fence kinda guy i neither believe nor disbelieve in god.

  74. 201 kieran

    well i am an on the fence kinda guy i neither believe nor disbelieve in god.
    Having said that christianity and all of its sub religions ie catholisim are all based on speculation if you actually stand back and look at things with an objective view you can clearly see that your belief is based on hearsay and one very important question im still waiting for an answer to is why does the bible miss out a sizeable portion of jesus’ life? if he is truely the son of god surely he would of been performing miracles in that 18 year gap and not just when he was an adult. and if god is all powerfull and all seeing why all the suffering in the world why do babies die every day for his own sick pleasure? how is it constructive to show us all this suffering and what about criminals ( and i mean the really sick twisted ones) why are they still here does their depravity give us anything other than a reason not to believe. that was just god the church is the biggest farce going for centuries they have tried to influence the non-progression of the human race by instilling racism, homophobia, and belief that ordinary men are more important than others because they worship god, just to name a few the church is the biggest dictator on the planet and they have us all running scared with their ‘if you dont do as we say your going to hell ‘ routine its pathetic sorry for the jumbled mess this has turned into it just poured out. the main thing that needs to be addressed here is peoples intolerences like i said im not convinced of a god, there is alot of unexplained stuff goin on in our world but i would never dream of telling someone they are wrong to believe every person is different and every person has different feelings towards these subjects our job is to respect those views and take them into account even if we dont believe in them. sorry again for it being jumbled and all a scatter just my two bobs worth and before anyone starts jumping up and down this is just my opinion so deal with it or ignore it.

    • 202 ange

      1) He was preparing for His work
      2) God allows suffering because of Free Will
      3) Get rid of God…what replaces it? a different religion… secular humanism, atheism, communism. Humans need to believe in something
      4) Respect for others is called civilization. Respectfully disagree. Watch your name calling. You can state your opinion without attacking another person. That’s called charity and just plain good manners.

    • 203 ange

      RE: just to name a few the church is the biggest dictator on the planet and they have us all running scared with their ‘if you dont do as we say your going to hell ‘ routine its pathetic sorry for the jumbled mess

      Really? When did the Catholic Church say that? I can show you where it teaches something a little different. Can you show a source or back up what you say?

  75. 204 Danielle

    i’m not really sure what to believe…no offense to any catholics, but the religion is fraught with a lot of superstition and ritual and frankly it creeps me out… I have no explanation for the perfectly preserved “saints” but being a Christian as I am. I’ve never heard of any Christians being perfectly preserved….and why would that be…why would it be reserved to a religion that worships Mary instead of God?

    • 205 Jon

      Well you’re right. Roman catholicism is not Christianity, it’s a cult. Basically idol worshippers. There is one God, the trinity, the Father, the Son, The Holy Spirit. Do not worship false idols.
      Don’t you know? We are all saints!
      “When the saints come marching in, what a wonderful day that will be!” What a wonderful hymn that is!
      “Perfectly preserved”? What a load of rubbish. For goodness sake!

      • 206 ange

        Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord! will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but those who keep my commandments.”

        So you are not yet a saint.

        Catholics were the first Christians. Read the early Church Fathers. Its converted many a Protestant friend.

    • 207 ange

      The Catholic religion does not worship Mary. She is highly honored because without her fiat, her freewill consent to God’s plan, the world gained a Savior. Mary and the saints are venerated. Can I ask why protestants seem to hate Mary?

      The early Christians had a mass, as far as “ritual”. So if you consider yourself a Christan you may like to read the Early Church Fathers. That will explain most Catholic beliefs Protestants do not understand.

  76. This is a great site, and I appreciate all of the work and research done to provide us with this knowledge. The photographs are inspiring. I am sure that when an incorruptible body was discovered, it was cleaned and a layer of thin wax applied to prevent our polluted air and chemicals to cause damage. The main thing is that the body is in a state of preservation that can be called miraculous.
    I am Catholic and I do not try to convert my friends and the people I meet. I believe the Catholic religion is the true religion by just following the line of history. Jesus started the religion, and appointed Peter as the first Pope. Then, just follow the line of popes to today. There were times of evil called the dark ages when some truly bad men were appointed as popes. They were corrupted by power and greed. The Church repaired itself over time. Just like the Church will survive this legal and embarrasing mess over the sexually abused boys. A few perverted “priests” have given the Catholic Church a black eye. Please don’t judge the entire Church by the actions of a corrupt minority. The overwhelming majority of our priests, nuns and religious are sincere and dedicated people doing their best in the name of God. This is the year of Our Lord, 2010. Just follow the lines of history. Whatever your belief, follow the golden rule, and Jesus will smile on you. Have a great day! gregg in Sarasota, FL

  77. 209 Tom

    To the author of this piece, thank you.
    I first encountered incorrupt bodies when on vacation in Paris. I was taken to several small churches and shown some of the bodies of the incorrupt saints listed above in the article. I could not believe what I saw and just stood looking at the body features of the saints. I stood trying to figure out how it could be faked. I am an electrical engineer, and one of those geeks who got a 4.0 in undergrad and my masters, as well as an MBA. I have since run two high tech companies successfully. I share this only to explain that I don’t fall for schemes or false claims. I have also had my questions about the misconduct of the Catholic Church, and so do not just blindly accept what I’m told.
    My point to what I’m writing here is to affirm the author’s article with my first hand observation. If you do not consider it a miracle, there is no harm. Maybe its just a coincidence. But it is statistically odd that this phenomenon exists in JUST these few people, and no one else, who had very unselfish (sainted) lifestyles.

  78. 210 DP

    Very interesting article. Cant help but recall reading about people in the past who used to accused bodies that did not follow the normal rate of decomposition as being vampires.

    Wonder if it was actually incorruptible bodies.

  79. 211 mandla

    Christianity started as a Jewish sect in 1st -2nd century Palestine. It borrowed a lot of concepts from the eclectic Hellenic culture of its day, this is evidenced by the words it uses for its key aspects and tenets: bishop, eccesiastic, eucharist, christ, baptism, sophia, apostle …. words that clearly show where it comes from. In the coming evolution it was transplanted in Rome, where christianity clearly became something else and very different from its Jewish parent culture.

    In Europe christianity changed the lives of a whole peoples. This was done by force of arms, a very unchristian thing to do considering what Jesus said when one of his disciples wanted to resist his arrest by means of armed resistance. Even “pagans” who were ordinary villagers were derogatively referred to as such by a militant evangelising church. “Paganus” being an ordinary rustic person and also being a a “useless incompetent person” from a Roman military point of view: a concept shared by a 2nd century militant church which wanted to eradicate traditional beliefs in the country side. By 1908 “pagan” was applied restrospectively to refer to every original religion in Europe in a sense that it means “false”, “baseless” and by default christianity is “genuine”, “original” and “true”. This is one of the most successful wholesale brainwashing of a people, because it is very rare today to find any European person who really does not think that “paganism” is an anachronism and backward and evil.

    Saints are an ancient European religious cultural relic that predates christianity but due to the Inquisition no one in Europe has the collective memory to trace all the Roman Catholic rituals and beliefs that cannot be found in its parent religion Judaism or the Judaism of Jesus and Paul.

    We can only learn reluctantly and with a poor vision of the past, that this is the country of Hermes Trismegistus, of Mithras, of Vestal Virgins that predate St Bernadette, of Druid priests, Thor and a country of a rich “pagan” cultural heritage masquerading as Catholicism. You only have to look at its church, architecture, cemetries, etc to know that Catholicism may claim Jesus as a founder but he is definitely clothed in true primitive European apparel and housed in European buildings that speak of a true native “pagan” culture.

    Are these bodies really incorruptible? I dont know. But it is foolish to look for answers in Roman Catholicsm; a purified, pagan-sanitised, exoteric front-religion that painstakingly denies where it comes from. Why is it important that if I have led a “holy life” my physical body should not suffer decomposition. The Egyptian religion offers more credible answers for this belief than Catholicism. Catholicism seems to be obsessed with gross commercialism and curiosity-culture. But in the context of a Jesus-based religion what is the christian objective of these bodies?
    Why do we need to believe in incorruptible dead bodies? What faith-based need does these bodies provide? Why do we need to smell a “heavenly scent” when we know the smell is merely earth flowers? Do flowers exist in heaven? Where is heaven? Why do we insist on equating heaven and earth? Why do we spiritualise our earth as heaven? In a continent that gave the world the best “questioners” (philosophers) we need to question this article not becuase we are against the author, but because until we do so we may not even dream of knowing who we are!


    Have they been subjected to scientific tests to prove that they are authentic bodies? Are they still human? or changed into “heavenly bodies” which shall not suffer corruption in this life? Without any biologically vital functions what purpose do they serve and what is it that keeps them “fresh”?

    • 212 jake

      sometimes its better to leave things as they are. work hard for your faith then pray and do good and you will be happy.

    • 213 ange

      RE:a concept shared by a 2nd century militant church which wanted to eradicate traditional beliefs in the country side

      How could this be, since Christian at this time were still being thrown to the lions and worshiping in secret in the catacombs?

  80. sometimes its better to leave things as they are. work hard for your faith then pray. Do good and you will be happy.

  81. 215 JLW

    I dont understand why all of these people are bashing Catholicism…when christianity was formed from it. The 2 oldest known religions are 1. Judaism and 2. Catholicism. And another thing…how can you come on here and say Catholics believe this that and the other when you are NOT catholic?? Get your facts straight before you JUDGE. And if you dont believe that these saints are real…that’s your issue!

    • 216 Lynnea

      Actually, the oldest 2 religions are Hinduism and Zoroastrianism….but Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three oldest monotheistic religions (meaning one main God). While Hinduism and Zoroastrianism have more than one God.

  82. 217 Lilly

    it would probably be stupid to ask if it could be an health issue or something that keeps your body from decaying, would it?

    i love this site, by the way.
    even though it gives me the creeps from time to time.

  83. 218 maria

    Just to set the record straight. Christianity was not formed from Catholicism. ~Christianity is a jewish heresy and had many forms and offshoots prior to its castration into the New Testament.
    Each version was equally valid in its own time and locale, the current version is merely the bastardised child of a corrupt Roman Empire and the Pope is no more than a thinly veiled Emperor now controlling a vastly corrupt, paedophile and discredited money machine.

    The original issue of incorruptibiliy is risible. There cannot be any such thing as an incorruptible body still less incorruptible garments. These statues or carvings (for that is what they blatantly are) are regularly washed and dressed by whole teams of artists and craftsmen.

    Please dont waste time on this foolishness. What about the war in the Congo? What about providing decent jobs and homes for returning servicemen and their blighted families?

    • 219 ange

      Proof please?

  84. I am jerking off to these dead bitches, I would put my dick in the mouth of that Bernadette one.

    Word up.

    • 221 ange

      What lovely “tolerance”! You just proved how low class you are.

  85. 222 Dawna

    This speaks to the one’s that don’t understand and even if you had to show them a miracle they would scoff and laugh at it.

    Yes, they are the incorruptibles, meaning they are not meant to decay. Yes, it is a sign on earth for those on earth that don’t believe, they may still have a chance to open their eye’s to the signs of signal graces. This is one of those times.

    A mystery, and not because of anything man does, only what God can do, the impossible. I do believe in the Catholic Church and this is a witness to my faith, it brings me joy and knowing prayer does change things, it does beautify the person inside and out and even after death of the body, the soul lives on.

    Praise and Glory to God! May other’s open their eyes and minds to greater faith and possibilities of his Glory, Amen + Nothing Is Impossible for God +

  86. 223 Mike

    Why are there only religious people here that are ‘incorrupt’ ?

    Surely leading a good life can make one eligable – where are they ?

    Why has nobody mentioned their clothing ? its is in very good order and looks modern fabric for glass that is supposedly airtight and protecting the body.

    To add, that St Bernadette of Lourdes was well hot and she was a nun ? damn

  87. 224 Timon

    Some of these were put in wax figures.

  88. All these exchanges have really been interesting and thought-provoking. And to think that these thoughts are all results of a reality that some believe without question, others believe rather conservatively, and others couldn’t care less about.

    One thing’s for sure: it got us all thinking, didn’t it?

    I am a Catholic. I know for a fact that a lot of the Incorruptibles do have a wax film to protect them from the elements now that they are “exposed” for all to see. The waxy film isn’t the issue here. Some of the Incorruptibles had mostly only their bones in an uncorrupted state, most of them had a “not-so-good-looking-nor-appealing-waxy-look” to their skin. But the thing is – they remained in such remarkable states of preservation “without the aid of embalming fluids, nor the aid of atmospheric or environmental conditions that would lead to preservation for such periods of time” (the Bog Bodies of Ireland are well preserved – but then again it is clearly attibuted to the environment in which they were buried hundreds of years ago) – this is not the case with the Incorruptibles.

    We Catholics do not worship saints, statues or pictures or what-have-yous – we venerate them. We look up to them in the same way any of you would look up to a person such as Mahatma Ghandi or Ninoy Aquino. We honor them because they symbolize a concept or a belief or a way of life that we – one way or another – would llike to live. We honor Mary because she had complete faith in God – her obedience was remarkable!

    We Catholics are human beings. We have our fair share of sinners (which religion doesn’t?) But an even greater number among us are relatively good people – with the occasional “saintly type” here and there.

    The Pope is infallible – but he is not impeccable. And he is infallible when it comes to teachings on the Faith (the Catholic Faith, that is). For a Muslim, our teachings would be wrong. For a Zoroastrian, our teaching would be wrong. That’s okay. We respect their beliefs (I think Pope Jouhn Paul II proved this when he went to reconcile with the leaders of other world religions). All we ask is respect in return. After all: religion will not save anyone.

    If anything, these Incorruptibles are awesome. Plus the fact that they all just happened to be known as people who tried to live holy and pious lives just gives us all the more reason to see them as symbols of hope – hope that there still exists that cloud of holiness in this world we live in. Whether you see them as saints or just ordinary people doesn’t matter.

    After all, saints are just ordinary people who tried to live extraordinary lives.

    • 226 ange

      Finally someone who makes sense. You don’t have to believe in the Catholic faith, just don’t misrepresent it.

  89. 227 hen3ry

    Interesting site. But I would like to ask, where in the bible does it say ths Catholic faith is the true faith?

    • 228 tambok

      Before answering that question I will ask you a question first. Who says that Catholic is the true faith? Is it you, the Catholic Church or anybody else?

    • 229 ange

      Where in the bible does it say there is a Trinity? Yet all Christian religions believe in that. Where in the bible does it say it is a collective text book? Even John said Jesus taught things they didn’t write down. Where did Jesus say in the Bible to even write a Bible? How do Christians survive when no bible is available, like, say, in the centuries while they were determining which books were to make up the NT? How about when it wasn’t necessary for people to read?

      The Early Church Fathers, who determined which books belonged in the new testament, believed as Catholics. Check them out. Read what they had to say about the Eucharist, Mary, the saints, the Bible, etc. And then see if your beliefs match up, just for fun!

  90. 230 William

    Hi Dear friends

    If your believe in this you will be blessed , if your not believing this not a problem there is only those who are chosen by GOD himself they only believe this and by this faith they lead a good life. The others who not believing for them Lord always telling those who can see and hear let them believe if not your a Blind and deaf no doubt and still if your not believing this not a problem u please don’t use bad words on this and the believers if your doing this on the Judjement day you will be in Wrath of the CREATOR, so better not to use bad words on Church. If possible you just experience the Trueness of the church once then you will also become an witness to the LORD.

  91. The Catholic Church has taught from the very beginning the True Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Eucharist meaning Thanksgiving.
    Human beings are both flesh and spirit and are meant to be that way for all eternity.
    In John 6 Our Lord establishes the Eucharist in no uncertain terms as you can read below.
    Four times Our Lord repeats “and I will raise them up on the last day” in John 6, the Book of Revelations echoes Our Lord’s words. you don’t have to be hit in the head with a two by four to acknowledge the meaning of His words.
    The “In corrupt Saints” that you have seen with your own eyes are simply a foretaste of what all of us will experience on the last day, the sheep on His right hand the goats on the left “Matthew 25.33” at the Resurrection of The Dead.
    We are meant to be Flesh and Blood with an Eternal Soul for all eternity that is what these saints are telling us.

    35Jesus said to them, (AO) “I am the bread of life;(AP) whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. 36But I said to you that you have seen me and yet do not believe. 37(AQ) All that(AR) the Father gives me will come to me, and(AS) whoever comes to me I will never cast out. 38For(AT) I have come down from heaven, not to do(AU) my own will but(AV) the will of him who sent me. 39And(AW) this is the will of him who sent me,(AX) that I should lose nothing of(AY) all that he has given me, but(AZ) raise it up on the last day. 40For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who(BA) looks on the Son and(BB) believes in him(BC) should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.”

    41So the Jews grumbled about him, because he said, (BD) “I am the bread that came down from heaven.” 42They said,(BE) “Is not this Jesus,(BF) the son of Joseph, whose father and mother(BG) we know? How does he now say, ‘I have come down from heaven’?” 43Jesus answered them, “Do not grumble among yourselves. 44No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me(BH) draws him. And(BI) I will raise him up on the last day. 45It is written in the Prophets,(BJ) ‘And they will all be(BK) taught by God.'(BL) Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to me— 46(BM) not that anyone has seen the Father except(BN) he who is from God; he(BO) has seen the Father. 47Truly, truly, I say to you,(BP) whoever believes has eternal life. 48(BQ) I am the bread of life. 49(BR) Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and(BS) they died. 50(BT) This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it(BU) and not die. 51I am the living bread(BV) that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will give(BW) for the life of the world is(BX) my flesh.”

    52The Jews then(BY) disputed among themselves, saying,(BZ) “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” 53So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of(CA) the Son of Man and drink his blood, you(CB) have no life in you. 54Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood(CC) has eternal life, and(CD) I will raise him up on the last day. 55For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. 56Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood(CE) abides in me, and I in him. 57As(CF) the living Father(CG) sent me, and(CH) I live because of the Father, so whoever feeds on me, he also will live because of me. 58(CI) This is the bread that came down from heaven, not like the bread[c] the fathers ate and died. Whoever feeds on this bread will live forever.” 59Jesus[d] said these things in the synagogue, as he taught(CJ) at Capernaum.

  92. 232 Jason

    It is well known that Saint Bernadette of Lourdes was covered in wax, hence her appearing so well preserved.

  93. 233 Mark

    The Catholic church is responsible for some of the worst atrocities ever committed. I never understood how Catholics worship all these saints when it is clear that God demanded that no other idols be worshipped. Oh and that stuff about Mary needing to be prayed to because she is the mediator between us and God?! Absolute stupidity.

    • 234 ange

      Why not? She mediated at the Wedding at Cana. Or didn’t Jesus know they ran out of wine?

      All people are capable of atrocities, even atheists,and very often, sadly Catholic AND PROTESTANTS! Or did the English saints draw and quarter themselves, and the priests live in holes underground for fun? Or the French revolution? Or or or

      Funny how Pope John Paul can apologize for wrongs done. But no Protestant, atheist, communist, etc has ever apologized for their wrong doing. Plenty of people were tortured for their Catholic beliefs. We just don’t attempt to memorize isolated bible texts and a one sided view of history.

      And yet again, what moron told you Catholics worship the saints and Mary? I wonder what else this moron, was it your parent or pastor? taught you that also was not true.

  94. 235 Eve

    Firstly, thankyou to all who have contributied to this extremely interesting blog. It is great to see such deep interest in it.

    I was raised a Catholic and can see where both the believers and sceptics are coming from due to many discussions with non-believers. As a Catholic I have never understood why non-Catholics find it so difficult to believe that God, who is all-powerful, all-loving, who created the universe including the dimensions we have not seen yet and wants us all to love eachother and live in harmony with the world, would find it so difficult to be conceived by a virgin, bless us with forgiveness or to preserve the body of someone with whom he had a special relationship.

    I would also like non-Catholics to understand that we don’t worship Mary and the Saints the same way that we worship God. I guess that the best way to explain it is that we respect and admire them. We also admire Albert Einstein and some sports people (they even get called “heros”) but there is a big difference between adoring and admiring. The difference between Catholics and non-Catholics is that Catholics believe in a thing called the “Communion of Saints”, which means that we all have the chance to be together with eachother and God. God is a very gregarioius person, he loves communication and togetherness. Now if God is alive and the saints are with him we can still talk to saints after they die, as we would talk to God. Having said that, they are not and will never be, God.

  95. 236 anon

    Why do all of the women look so much alike?

  96. 237 live&letlive

    wow a lot of strong views. i find it funny that only 6-7 people put a face to the comment.

  97. 238 Summer

    The solution used has been the same for thousands of years, especially in Rome, where secret embalming took place too ‘fool’ the layman into believing that the adherence and sanctity of faith is responsibiule for incorrupability.

    Formalin, now widely used by embalmers, is a mixture of formaldehyde and water that kills bacteria. Alcohol, along with the arid conditions in the catacombs, would have dried the bodies and allowed them to mummify but Glycerin would have kept the bodies from drying out too much, and salicylic acid would have prevented the growth of fungi. Zinc gives them rigidity. You could take them out of the casket, prop them up, would stand by themselves. It’s still used until this day – look at recent mummified corpses like the ex-president of the Philippines.

  98. 239 Siddhartha

    Evidence that Jesus Never Existed
    The three topics which suggest that Jesus never existed are:

    1. History
    2. Comparative Religion
    3. Solar Mythology

    1. History. It’s inconceivable that during the alleged time of Jesus no one bothered to write down anything about this most extraordinary person, yet we have nothing. Even the earliest Bible reference to Jesus dates to at least A.D. 64, and the first Gospel, the Gospel of Mark, dates to at least A.D. 70 (and probably to A.D. 170).
    2. Comparative Religion shows that the story of Jesus already existed in numerous religions prior to the alleged time of Jesus. Chrishna, Horus, Orpheus, Bacchus, Osiris, Dionysus, Buddha, Apollo, Hercules, Adonis, Ormuzd, Mithras, Indra, Œdipus, Quetzalcoatle, etc. The motif of a Crucified Savior was already extant prior to the alleged time of Jesus.
    3. Solar Mythology shows the story of Jesus is just an allegory for the sun passing through the Zodiac and the passage of the seasons of the year. Jesus travels throughout his one year ministry, and the description of his travels exactly match that of the sun traveling through the Zodiac during the year. Here we have the origin of the Jesus story. This common origin explains why all the stories of crucified saviors are essentially the same.

    If Jesus actually existed and did all the miraculous things he is said to have done then surely many people would have written about it during and immediately following Jesus’ life. Writing was common at the time, yet an extensive search by many scholars over centuries has turned up nothing. The very few references to Jesus that allegedly date back to his lifetime are clearly forgeries, forged no doubt hundreds of years later by people who realized this embarrassing lack of evidence needed to be rectified (see Joseph Wheless Forgery in Christianity).

    Even if we ignore the evidence that they are forgeries, the very small number of these questionably authentic writings that allegedly date back to his alleged lifetime are still far too few. There should be a huge wealth of writing about this person that was written during his lifetime.

    Jesus allegedly had crowds of thousands follow him around. Once he fed 5000 people with only a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish (Mark 6:39-44). Later he repeated the miracle again feeding a crowd of 4000 people (Mark 8:1-9). Jesus cured sick people miraculously and raised people from the dead. He changed water into wine at a wedding reception. He exorcised demons. He commanded 2000 pigs to rush into a lake and drown themselves, inciting the people of the nearby town and countryside, who asked him to leave. (No mention is made of what happened to the poor pig herder whose livelihood must have been ruined. Mark 5:1-20).

    Wherever Jesus went a crowd gathered and wondered in amazement who this person was. Jesus was a very controversial person. Finally he got himself into so much trouble that huge crowds of Jews demanded his execution. There was a controversial trial followed by his public execution. Three days later he is seen walking around alive again. And no one wrote any of this down when it allegedly happened?

    Even the earliest full account of Jesus in the Bible, the Gospel of Mark, is admitted by the Catholic Church to date to at least A.D. 70, a full 40 years after Jesus’ alleged death and resurrection. (Mark makes reference to an event that happened around A.D. 70, so it could not have been written any earlier. Modern scholars now date the Gospels as being written near A.D. 170, a full 140 years after the alleged event, since no one makes any reference to a Gospel of Mark, or any other Gospel, prior to this time.)

    It’s inconceivable that no one at the time bothered to write down anything about the most important person in the whole of human history. Writing was common back then. People wrote letters. Historians wrote commentaries on current events. The Romans wrote and kept legal documents about trials. It’s considered one of the best documented periods of history. Yet no one wrote anything about this Jesus; no one painted a portrait of this Jesus; no one drew a sketch of this Jesus; no one cast a coin depicting this Jesus; no one made a statue of this Jesus; no one makes any reference whatsoever to this Jesus. The historical evidence is overwhelming—the Jesus of the Bible never existed.

    When is absence of evidence, evidence of absence? In general a mere lack of evidence is not sufficient to conclude a proposition is false. We must also demonstrate:

    1. All of the evidence used to support the proposition is untenable.
    2. Adequate tenable evidence should exist.
    3. A thorough search for this tenable evidence has been made and none has been found.

    At this point I leave it to the reader to decide for him or her self whether the above three points have been satisfied or not, as every individual must ultimately decide what one chooses to believe. Any counter-argument will be an attack against one of the above three points. We can not prove that Jesus never existed, just as we can not prove that Santa Claus never existed. Quite a lot of people believe Santa Claus exists (mostly young people).

    Being suspicious of “The Jesus Story is a Biography” theory frees our thinking and allows us to look in other places for the origin of the story. Indeed we will discover that the Jesus Story is not unique. We will find that the motif of a crucified savor who dies and is resurrected was common in other religions prior to the alleged time of Jesus. We will also discover that the story of Jesus’ one year ministry parallels that of the Sun’s annual journey through the Zodiac and the Sun’s apparent death in Autumn and subsequent resurrection in Spring.

    • 240 Julien

      Interesting that you call it “the motif of a crucified savior”. To my knowledge, of Chrishna, Horus, Orpheus, Bacchus, Osiris, Dionysus, Buddha, Apollo, Hercules, Adonis, Ormuzd, Mithras, Indra, Œdipus and Quetzalcoatle, none of them was “crucified”. You seem to be understanding “crucified” as a synonymn for “killed/died”. I think it shows that you are heavily influenced culturally, by this religion you so vehemently deny.

    • 241 Yeshua

      I was wondering if anyone would ever write something about you ? I doubt it. Because nobody is interested in your drivel looks like…..

    • I imagine you practice hinduism and have many gods versus the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

  99. 243 antonio

    it’s a miracle lol religion is the biggest of lies of humankind

  100. 244 Ajit Thomas

    Pray for us

  101. 245 wärstina

    A few minutes of research will tell you that almost all of the faces are masks. St. Bernadette of Lourdes Hand and Face are made from wax. They are not “corvered” by a thin layer of wax,. When the last exhumation took place, the body was described as “unsightly” the skin was laying on the bone and had a black colour,
    Yes, there is a whole body underneath the mask, but it is mummified, dried out and discoloured. .
    St. Pio Pietrelcina had his face made from silicone, the hair and beard is also “fake”. When his body was exhumed, alledgedly, the upper part of his head was decomposed to the bone. The chin was in good shape and his hands are said to have been in pretty good condition.

    None of these bodies actually look as good as the church wants you to belive, and you almost exclusivly show thiose who have “fake” faces, as if their bodies actually looked like they just died.

    A corpse from 1253 that is still completely intact, with no signs of decomposing, that looks like it is just sleeping?
    Now that would indeed be a miracle. But these are just glorified mummies, preserved by their enviroment, e.g. dry air, temperature, the soil or coffin they were burried in… happens to non-saints as well, and to on christians. It even happens to dead cats.

    Here is an incorruptible corpse that does not have a wax face

    Doesn’t look as impressive, does it?

    It’s Ok if you want to belive that these people are Saints, that they performed miracles etc. You can belive, that God somehow had a hand in preserving these bodies.
    But, please, don’t outright lie and act like this is some “great unexplained mystery” and scientists are scratching their heads. We know how and why this happens. It is perfectly natural.

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