Foot Binding: Bone Breaking Beauty


Uncomfortableshoes6-1Suffering for beauty is a concept familiar to most women, who have dyed, plucked or shaved their hair, squeezed their feet into uncomfortable high heels or even surgically enhanced parts of their anatomy. Millions of Chinese women went even further — binding their feet to turn them into the prized “three-inch golden lotuses.” These “golden lotuses” were proof of a foot fetish on a national scale, with hobbled feet acting as another erogenous zone, the most forbidden of them all.

Binding usually began somewhere between the ages of four and seven. Possibly even later if the family was poor and needed their daughter to do work around the house or farm. A bandage, ten feet long and two inches wide was wrapped tightly around the foot, forcing the four small toes under the sole of the foot. This made the feet narrower but at the same time it made the feet shorter because it also forced the big toe and the heel closer together by bowing the arch of the foot. The bandage was tightened each day and the girl was put into progressively smaller and smaller sized shoes.

The entire process usually took about two years at the end of which the feet were essentially dead and utterly useless. Binding the feet was the easy part, being bent so out of shape the feet required lots of core. The feet had to be washed and manicured on a daily basis. If they weren’t manicured properly the toe nails could cut into the instep and infection could set in.

Chinese Foot Binding 03-1If the bindings were too tight they could cut off circulation which could lead to gangrene and blood poisoning. The feet had to be massaged and given hot and cold compresses to help relieve the pain and help improve circulation. If all this isn’t bad enough, corns would develop on the toes that were bent under and would have to be cut off with a knife. But wait! It gets worse! With the lack of circulation flesh would rot and fall off and sometimes the toes would ooze pus. The pain was said to have been excruciating especially if this process was begun at a later age. The ideal foot would fit into a shoe only three to four inches long. A Chinese saying says, “Every pair of small feet costs a bath (kang) of tears”. It is difficult to imagine the suffering that these women had to endure.

Foot binding began late in the T’ang Dynasty (618-906) and it gradually spread through the upper class during the Song Dynasty (960-1297). During the Ming period (1368-1644) and the Ching Dynasty (1644-1911) the custom of foot binding spread through the overwhelming majority of the Chinese population until it was finally outlawed in the 1911 Revolution of Sun Yat-Sen. In fact, the only peoples to avoid this custom were the Manchu conquerors, The Hakka Chinese migrant groups in south China and the mean people, the lowest class of people in China who were below the social norms. The practice of foot binding lasted for approximately one thousand years. During this time, approximately one billion women had their feet bound.

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82 Responses to “Foot Binding: Bone Breaking Beauty”

  1. 1 Zenayda

    I’d read about this before but dear sweet mother of Buddha!… It looks painful. I wore 6 inch heels to my cousin’s wedding the other day and considering I never wear heels – it was super painful. I don’t even want to consider what pain these women went through….

    P.S. – Really loving the new site JFrater! Consider me a regular reader! 🙂

    • Thanks Zenayda 🙂 I also can’t imagine the pain. It shows how strong social mores are though that parents would willingly put their children through that.

  2. 3 Caroline

    I, too, had read about foot-binding… but I had never had a visual. What a horrific experience it must have been for these women.

    • The images certainly are disturbing – especially the barefoot ones!

  3. 5 ginger

    i’m from hong kong, china, and my grandmother had bound feet. too bad i never got to see them… my mom said she hated looking at them.

    i like the new site too, jfrater! looking forward to other new interesting stuff. (:

  4. 6 ginger

    and roughly what happened was that the emperor had dancers that danced and walked on tip-toes. he liked it so much, he thought all the other women should have small feet so they’d all walk like that.. having bound feet became a sign of wealth and social power – in other words, if you didn’t have bound feet, it meant that you probably weren’t that wealthy or powerful… it’s common for farmer girls to have unbound feet because they needed to work in the field.

    • 7 Hildigard

      The story about the emperor is a cute cover for the ugly truth: foot binding was merely a technique for keeping women “docile,” subservient, and less likely to stray sexually (which, of course, stems from the belief that women’s bodies belong to men).

      The upper classes were more affected because of simple economics. A wealthier family would be more likely to rid themselves of (an otherwise burdensome) daughter to a man who could support a wife who would be unable to perform hard domestic labor. Female children were, and still often are, viewed in terms of their economic value to the family unit.

      Thankfully, the misogynistic practice of foot binding died early in the 20th century, but millions of girls and women today in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America are living without some or all of their external genitalia because of the continuing horror of female genital mutilation. Google it, it’s one of the greatest human rights violations of our time.

      • 8 Femme

        You’re so right!! This is all because of the mentality superation of the man. They think and had been thought for ages that they are the best and they think they can control us with social issues but the truth is that the women in the past and now (not too much) let they do.

      • 9 angel dimacho

        Why go all the way to Africa to see genital mutilation? It happens right here every day. It’s called circumcision, and it’s done to over a million little boys in this country annually. Of course it’s no big deal- when it happens to little boys instead of girls. Millions of men in North America are living without part of their external genitalia- surely women are to blame!
        Your belief that footbinding was a misogynistic practice aimed at keeping women docile betrays your ignorance. You should not write about what you know so little about.

        • 10 Kiwi

          Male circumcision hardly has the same consequences as female genital mutilation. Removal of the foreskin is actually thought to improve hygiene and prevent infections. The only ‘damage’ that could be done by circumcision is psychological because of other people being ignorant and resorting to bullying.
          Circumsizing boys is done in clean hospitals by qualified medical staff to minimise the risk of any complications. Do you think female ‘circumcision’ is done under similar circumstances?
          There is no way you can compare the two practices in terms of the damage that is caused.

          • 11 Mr. Biology

            “The only ‘damage’ that could be done by circumcision is psychological…” (So not true.)

            It’s clearly that you are a ignorant woman, saying such awful things. Your words are as daggers in my heart. By saying “…is done in clean hospitals by qualified medical staff…” doesn’t make it less worse or a good thing. Cutting away healthy body parts isn’t right in which circumstances thus.
            Both woman and men are mutilated for life.

            I suggest reading this article:
            Don’t worry, there are no pictures in it.

            Besides, normally the external urethral orifice is covered with skin which makes the urinary stream bigger in diameter, so you can urinate quickly. When the foreskin is withdrawn (normally only during sex) the sperm stream isn’t made bigger in diameter which makes the stream very small and powerful. (That is biologically seen a plus.) So when a man is circumcised his urinary stream will be very small and powerful, making urinating a lot slower and less pleasant. The press of the bladder is, as it happens, too hard for the minimized outflow. So especially if you must urinate very necessary that can be painful.
            But nobody speaks about that!

          • 12 angel dimacho

            In Africa they say the same thing- that female circumcision improves hygiene. The argument that male circumcision is for hygiene is spurious. The genitals function perfectly the way nature made them. Prevent infection? You might as well argue that to pull everyones teeth out would alleviate dental decay. It’s no big deal- we’ll just eat with a straw! If your argument is that it is OK to circumcise boys because we do it in clean hospitals, why don’t we just improve the circumstances under which female genital mutilation is done. Let’s open clean “circumcising” hospitals in Africa with qualified medical staff to minimize the risk of any complications. Your dismissive attitude when boys are mutilated without their consent is a manifestation of your ignorant cultural bias. You are inured, because it is a part of your own culture and not part of “theirs”. How can you not compare the two practices in terms of the damage caused? in one practice a child is having part of their genitals cut off without their consent-but of course in the other practice, a child is having part of their genitals cut off without their consent. The only difference is that one is done in our culture, and done to boys instead of girls. Your thinking is ethnocentric and uninformed, based on an emotional impulse rather than rational and logical. If male genital mutilation is o.k., “because the only damage is psychological” and the altering of little boys bodies, the scarring and desensitizing of the penis are non-consequential, then female genital mutilation is O.k. too, because isn’t the argument of damage done to the body and psyche the same?

          • 13 josh

            I lack foreskin and I live a perfectly normal, healthy life. My procedure was performed in a hospital, shortly after my birth by health care professionals in a sterile environment. Yes I was not given a choice, but honestly I couldn’t care less. Why do I need a foreskin? It does not hurt when I urinate and I do enjoy orgasm. Considering there have been no complications resulting from the procedure and the fact that I don’t even remember the operation, I can’t think of one reason why I would be upset. There is a big difference between what happened to me and what happens to 4 to 8 year old girls all over the world. These procedures are dangerous and pointless. I have not been able to find any evidence that suggests that FGM serves any purpose other than to appease the ignorant masses. I can’t believe people compare the two.

      • 14 Juri

        Actually, a lot of poorer girls ended up getting their feet bound; the idea was that they would attract a rich husband. If that didn’t come about, then the girls would be forced to work in the fields and in the house on their bound feet.

        Try this experiment. Measure your foot, then compare it with the three inch golden lotus hooks which were considered perfection. Doesn’t it make your feet ache at the thought? O_o

  5. 15 Maria

    Wow that is so horrible!! How could they put them through such excruciating pain like that,there feet took the shape of the shoe(Pic 7)…i can hardly walk in high heels myself!!

  6. 16 GTT


    I guess different societies have different concepts of beauty but I just never understood this one… Even with the shoes on it looks incredibly weird (there is a big “bump” where the ankles should be) and then picture getting into bed to do the nasty and you get an eyeful of broken, twisted, gangrenous, rotting foot. Not pleasant.

    • 17 wow:S

      I read that women refused to taketheir shoes off when their husbandd oranother man could see them. Ican see their point, though.Who would want to look at THAT?

      • 18 Juri

        The men didn’t want the women to take their shoes off for that very reason; it ruined the illusion. Also, the stench of rotting flesh, the sight of necrotised toes and the dripping pus would totally kill the mood for the guy. -.-

  7. 19 BethDEATH

    I thought I had small feet…

    Omg. When I read the part about the toes being cut off, rotting flesh, and pus oozing out…
    That’s just awful.
    I feel so bad for those poor women..
    But these people actually are attracted to broken, pus encrusted feet?
    I wonder if they think our standards of what’s beautiful is weird?

  8. 20 Kyla

    I gave a detailed speech about this in high school and everyone though I was totally crazy. Loving the new site! I’ve been enraptured for hours.

  9. 21 steph00


    So wrong on so many levels….

    My feet wanted to cramp just looking at the photos!

    • Yeah – mine too. Mind you – I actually quite like the little shoes – but not enough to think it was worth crushing their feet!

  10. 23 ringtailroxy

    this is not the first time i’ve read somethign about foot-binding…but the first with so many pictures!

    i believe i read somewhere that an emporer’s daughter was born with deformed feet, and that was how the foot-binding thing got associated with wealth & power. plus, wealthy women didn’t have to walk much. the ideal foot was to be small enough that a man could place his beloved’s entire foot within his mouth.

    what facinates me is that the foot was used as an accesory for intercourse.

    culturally different…but fascinatingly barbaric.


    p.s. happy JayDay!

    • I read about the Emperor’s daughter too but I couldn’t find anything that verified it – it seems the origins really are lost in the mists of time.

  11. 25 Adrian

    Im a Singaporean Chinese and dispite being removed from the mainland for 4 generations I still heard rather vivid stories regarding “three-inch golden lotuses” (or in my mother tongue “San Chun Jin Lian”) from my elders.
    Now from what I gather, this tradition can be linked to many East Asian Chinese and even Southeast Asian Chinese “mindsets” or attitudes towards classifications of social classes.
    For example, some of you have mentioned that “foot-binding thing got associated with wealth & power. plus, wealthy women didn’t have to walk much.” (ringtailroxy) which is true in many cases back when the rich got carried around in sedans, the more carriers your sedan, the richer and more prominant you are.

    It is also very true that having tiny, practically non-functional feet would also tell folks that there is no way in hell that the owner will be found in a field thus will never be mistaken for a peasant. This is similar to a traditional perception among some older chinese folk that Proper Gentlemen should always have fair complexion because only labourers and low classed workers will be in the sun long enough to get tanned.

    As for the sexual attraction, well, I would venture a guess and say that considering the extreme status consciousness of the average Chinese male of the time, being able to..ahem..lay claim to a “real lady” is some what like scoring a prized trophy of sorts.

    Great article Jfrater, just like to say that I came over to this site from listverse and your lists over there re-ignited my interest in History, inspiring me to hit the books once again to take a B.A in History after years of resigning myself to academic oblivion. I want you to know that you made a difference. Thank you.

    • Thanks for that interesting comment Adrian – it is a definite enhancement to the original article! I am also pleased that you have been re-inspired to study. 🙂

  12. 27 Kejrn

    wow…im speechless…

  13. 28 Kejrn

    thats it…this is the last time im gonna read this article…the images are too disturbing…

  14. 29 Lauren

    I can understand why any woman would prefer dainty feet, but if I had to be carried around all day every day, I’d probably feel quite useless to be honest!

  15. 30 Firefly

    I don’t even like looking at my own feet. Those pictures are genuinely disturbing, how anyone can associate it with beauty is beyond me. But I suppose like someone else commented, maybe they’d find our concepts of beauty strange.

  16. 31 Jose Daniel

    Wow, that process most be really painful. this reminds me something i saw, i think in africa, where the womens put rings around their neck to make them larger.
    they keep adding rings until their necks get really long and the muscles of the neck get weak and cannot suport the weight of the head, so they always hace to wear the rings. Sad i think.

  17. Wow, Jamie, I’ve read about bound feet, but I’ve never before seen such pictures! First of all, it boggles my mind how much women will suffer to be perceived as beautiful. And second, how could any man find the outcome of this process anything other than repugnant? The shoes are cute on their own, but when worn, they give the effect of very thick, unattractive ankles. Do you know if very many children died as a result of foot binding, from gangrene or other infections? It would seem it would be inevitable. I am so relieved that someone in power finally put a stop to this. It is just horrible, in every way.

  18. 33 Looser

    oh yeah small deformed feet? that certainly turns ME on. ugh.

  19. 34 miss w.

    it’s amazing how each group of people perceives beauty. when i read about things like foot binding, i automatically think, “yuck, mutilation, yuck.” i have the same reaction towards ear piercing (with babies) and circumcision. i suppose beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

    • 35 Jenna

      Ugh I HATE it when people pierce their infants ears. You should have a say in whether holes are punched in your body.

      • 36 SSS

        yeah! same here! little 3 moth olds with pierced ears. just awfull..

  20. 37 Meg

    It seems like they didn’t even consider how ugly the feet were outside of the shoe… And how the heck are dead feet considered an erogenous zone? :/…?

  21. 38 kai

    It’s also interesting to note that binding the foot this way caused the women to walk with a shuffle that was considred very erotic to men.

  22. 39 Jackitt

    I’m Chinese Canadian so I have a bit of popular chinese knowledge… as with any other culture the Chinese had many “status symbols.” Another that comes to mind is that rich women would grow their fingernails very long (several inches) and cover it with a bejewelled, enamelled metal hook. If anyone has ever seen those dragon/skull finger covers that metalheads wear, it’s similar to that I believe.

    Of course the idea behind it is “I’m so rich I don’t have to be practical.” Hell, long nails being a sign of “I don’t do work” is prevalent even today. It’s nice to see no one being totally western-ethnocentric in the comments quite yet, one only has to look at the 14-inch-waist tightlacing corset obsession in europe/north america within the last 100 years to know that stupid vain barbaric trends happen everywhere.

    I agree with miss w, mutilation is never a good idea in retrospect!

  23. They pretty much made their feet into hooves.

  24. 41 Karen

    Here’s one up for the men with foot fetishes! lol

  25. 42 empresszien


  26. 43 Ashley

    oohhhh my god!!! after reading this i want to wear socks for the rest of my life!!!! my feet are like…in PAIN right now just from reading that! poor women…crazy crazy woman. must not have had a low pain tolerance

    • 44 SSS

      from what i undestand they didnt really have a choice in the matter.. and they were brought up that way.. so they thought its was normal. personally i think its awfull 😦

  27. 45 Gab

    No one brings the creepiness like the Chinese….

    • 46 Miranda

      u need to stop being mean and realize the importance of this and thank God

  28. 47 Miranda

    this is just gross i don’t even kno why they would do this to people i bet it hurts and i am glad that i wasn’t or any of my family and friends were born at the time of foot binding if i saw people with their feet like that i would probably puke, and run just hearing about them makes me feel sorry for them and make me realize that they gone way through more then what i’ve been through

  29. 48 Nicole

    Hi jfrater
    I like this blog a lot and the articles are really interesting.
    But I think you should give credit to your sources. I found part of the text above on another page (including typing errors), when I was researching more informations about food binding. I think it’s way better style to link the sources.
    Apart from that: keep up with the good work!

  30. 49 sleaterkinney1bt

    the woman was supposed to keep her feet hidden from men.. she wore special shoes to bed.

    give me a low class, farmer girl anyday!

    so sad.

  31. 50 richelle ponce

    this is gross
    im doing a research project on it and this website is very helpful

  32. 51 jenna

    I also read in many articles that the foot binding was suppose to cause the inner leg muscles and up ( vaginal muscles) to become very strong (overcompensating for the lack now of prominant foot muscles and bones) making for a “tight” – well…hooter, if you get my drift. If your foot was not bound, men would think you were “loose,” in turn leaving an unbound foot of a woman, less of a chance to marry if any chance at all. Those poor women, damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Soooooo sad.

  33. 52 ninks mom

    I just cannot imagine sending your own daughter trough that kind of pain. rCusom or not, its just hard to believe…

  34. 53 Kenneth

    I’m a man and I am appalled by these photos. Women in 6 inch heels is one thing, they do that by choice. These women over 1 billion of them had none.

    I’ve always heard of foot binding as bad, but these pictures are so horrific. I couldn’t imagine dating anyone with feet like that. How could chinese men find that attractive? I do not find weak women attractive and this is certianly what foot binding made them. It is little better than amputation or worse.

  35. 54 dosy

    This is pretty sexy actually.
    the idea of these hoes being rammed into tight shoes is giving me a hard on even now.

    why not let them have small feet if they want to?
    to many western women look like elephants with there fat asses and huge catermeran feet.

    these chines gals are a bigger turn on than any obese white woman ever coult be.

    • 55 Tarty

      Know what’s really hot??

      Good grammar and proper spelling!

      • 56 Hide-The-Rum

        I totally agree with you, I think someone up there (dosy) needs to stop being so arrogant and have some respect for all those people that actually did have to suffer for something that really..didnt look very nice..

  36. 57 Hannah

    this stuff is so discusting. i read a book about the chinese in this era and how they had to do this and like.. it said that when the girl had to do it, wen she first started it (she started at an older age than 4 to 7.) she said it was extremely painful and she cried all the time for hours. and also she said she cud feel her toe break.. and then another.. and another, till all were broken. and the pain nvr stopped. even wen she was not walking on them the pain never stopped..
    it is just discusting. it is so demeaning to women i think men never had to go through this pain so they had no idea what it felt like yet they made women go through it .. idk i know it was their culture but it amazes me that someone wud really go to these great lengths to make women “perfect” or what ever.

  37. Thank you for you post, lots of useful information.

  38. 59 alice

    that is so disgusting men really have it easy back then jeez that is not attracted

  39. 60 jasmine

    ewwwww. sooooo gross!!! i did my speach on this and now im going to the finals!!! this website REALLY helped alot.

  40. I had to study this in school, and my teacher showed us even worse pictures that even made one girl throw up.

    I don’t know why someone would teach kids about something as gross and stupid as foot binding

  41. 62 jordan wood


  42. 63 koty

    holly molly these pic.’s are sad i feel really bad for those women who did that. if was alive back then i would not do that i would rather be beat or killed or any thing else than have my feet bidden like that. well got to go home work is calling 🙂

    • 64 Yodas-Wife

      Some children probably were beaten badly and/or killed, I doubt whether if it came down to it most people would rather die though, doubly so when you consider these were little girls and not outspoken women with a history of feminist thought to inspire them.

  43. 65 Kitty

    I’m not sure about the cover story about the emperor being so impressed by the daintiness of the dancers’ feet that he made it a new trend. If anyone has ever read Wild Swans, the author gives the story that a concubine had bound feet and the tininess never stopped fascinating the emperor, so subsequently she became his favourite concubine (this is probably more believable when you consider how it was the ultimate dream to be part of the imperial harlem in the ancient times, that families would do anything and everything to marry their daughters off to the best possible man in hopes of elevating their status).

    Women with bound feet do walk sometimes, but seldom and for only short distances and only when assisted by their servants. This gives the appearance of vulnerability, especially since she’d have a wobble in her step. Small feet are, like sloping shoulders, considered a desirable physical trait in a woman.

    I guess it’s just how far you’re willing to go for the sake of ‘beauty’. Boob jobs, nose jobs, face reshaping, face lifts, botox… what’s the difference between now and then besides the fact technology and surgery is the way to go nowadays?

    • 66 froggy

      “Boob jobs, nose jobs, face reshaping, face lifts, botox… what’s the difference between now and then besides the fact technology and surgery is the way to go nowadays?”

      ummm… contrarily to foot binding, neither of these are mutilating?

      What did I win?

      • 67 Yodas-Wife

        …and they’re done with benefit of full anaesthesia, and heal properly, instead of being painful for the rest of their lives.

        Oh, and the final difference? The BIG difference? They’re VOLUNTARY ACTS – not forced on helpless children, who have no way of getting out of the mutilation.

  44. 68 The Abominable Snowman

    lmfao, i am learning about this in my humanities/global class. Truth be told, this is the weirdest idea of beauty. In my culture, women are only valued for their breasts, thighs, brain, and money. I wonder if they had “foot sex” rofl XD. This fascination is almost like that butler guy from the film Mr. Deeds starring Adam Sandler. Either way its out of practice, and we can simply look upon it, puke, and laugh at the suckers who actually would fuck their feet to wear tiny shoes like little old Cinderella.

    • 69 Yodas-Wife

      Yep, those four-year old girls sure were suckers! Did you actually read the article?!

  45. I could not avoid commenting.

  46. Great read!

  47. 72 sweet sara

    I didn´t read all of the comments so I don´t know if someone already wrote about this, but I read somewhere that foot binding was a fetish because since women had to walk in tiny steps due to the terrible pain, it was believed that walking like that would make their vaginas tighter, so it would bring more pleasure to men.


    • 74 mechrabbit

      you sir, are an idiot.

  49. 75 Gabriele

    realmente é um absurdo o que uma cultura faz as pessoas submeterem a tal ato,
    algo realmente cruel, com benefício algum, aenas por tradição.
    Nos dias de hoje acho que não seriamos tão tolos de aceitarmos algo assim, apesar que existem várias meninas que fazem dietas mirabolantes só para ter um corpo perfeito ! vale a pena tudo isso ? por cultura? tradição ? beleza ? prazer ? ou obrigação, vale-se pensar nisso (:

  50. 76 neesha

    Whoa. Physically speaking, actually looking @ the mutated feet, how is that attractive ever. Deformed. Crazy.

  51. 77 anonymous

    I don’t understand humans are d most intelligent being made after the image of God Himself turns in these unimaginable undertaking whatever we call it “TRADITIONS”=”PRESUMPTIONS” “IS HORRIBLE” Humans worship these and that, stone wood, ceramics and said this is god, I made myself a replica of fish and give it to a cat, a cat turn its back from it, the cat knew it would never be a fish, it is not a real fish, while humans cannot distinguish the diffrence between idol made of ceramics woods etc..and true God. It turn out that a cat is more wiser than a human being.

    Only the truth can set us free! presumption is born out of ignorance, its equivalent of a A BIG MAYBE?, these and that would work? its whole picture of ignorance as a direct result of sin. Read something that stand on a Virtue of Truth.

  52. Now you don’t.

  53. 79 Crazy Lady

    i think that the footbinding was a horrible practice, for anyone. and it was twice as terrible because the mothers had to concent to it and force their daughters to do undergo this excuciatingly painful procedure. The sad thing is that having small feet in some cases would help the girls have a better life. A person in an earlier comment said that the difference between having your feet bound and having plastic surgery and the like, was that getting plastic surgery meant that you got anithesia and you concented. but there are still some disturbingly similarities, such as the fact that both are influenced by social norms and ideas of beauty. this is similar to the corsets of the 1700-1800’s in which women mutilate their bodies to become what their society deems beautiful. people can comment and say that this is a horrible practice and that they are glad that it’s gone, but in all actuallity, is it really? How do we know that the people of the future won’t look at all of the people with fake boobs, butts, noses, faces, tans, and bodies and think that we were a barbaric society? what happened to the girls of China was horrifing, and i just wish that the human race had learned it’s lesson

  54. I found your blog web site on google and check a few of your early posts. Proceed to maintain up the superb operate. I simply additional up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Searching for ahead to reading more from you later on!…

  55. 81 Franco

    oh my allah! ive suffered a lot like getting my toenail ripped off but this? this is insane! I WEAR SIZE 11 SHOES AND IM 12!

  56. 82 jokes

    thank God we are now in modern time.that is wickedness

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