The Most Bizarre Relationship Ever


Six[NSFW] Since time immemorial man has organized himself into relationships with others. From the basic man and woman relationship to the more infrequently seen transgender relationships, we all have a strong desire to partner-up. But in all history there is one relationship that stands out as probably the most unusual (and believe me, there have been a lot of extremely bizarre relationships). For a relationship like this to happen, extreme coincidences have to come into play – and as you will see, they did, just once, in nineteenth century Paris.

The Players

Juan Baptista dos Santo

Dos Santos-1Juan Baptista dos Santos was born in Portugal around 1843 in the town of Faro and was examined for the first time when he was only six months old. His parents and two siblings were well formed and it was said that his gestation and birth were uneventful. As a child, Juan was considered quite handsome, fit and well proportioned – except for the two distinct penises and third leg he possessed. Santos’ third leg was actually two legs which were fused together and while it lacked motor control, it could be moved freely by hand. Both penises functioned perfectly. An 1865 report stated that Santos used both penises during intercourse and, after finishing with one he would continue with the other. It also stated that he had a ravenous sexual appetite.

Blanche Dumas

Blanche-701682It is believed that Blanche Dumas was born on the island of Martinique in 1860 to a French father and a mother was a quadroon (one quarter black). She had a very broad pelvis, two imperfectly developed legs and a third leg attached to her coccygeus and, in addition to normal well developed breasts, she also had two smaller rudimentary breasts – complete with nipples – close together above her pubic area. Furthermore Blanche also had two vaginas and two well-developed vulvas and, allegedly, both had equally developed sensitivity. Her sexual appetite was said to be very pronounced. She was know to have many male admirers and was know to ‘entertain’ men with both her vaginas. Due to her obviously suitability to the role, she moved to Paris and became a courtesan.

The Disorder

Diphallia-TmDiphallia (also known as Penile Duplication) is a condition in which a male is born with two penises. It is a rare disorder with only 1,000 cases recorded. Sufferers are also at a higher risk of spina bifida than men with one penis. A person with diphallia can urinate from one or both of his penises. In most cases, both penises are side by side and the same size, but occasionally one smaller penis will sit atop another larger one. One in 5.5 million men in the United States have two penises. Characteristics of diphallia are:

  • Those in possession of a diphallus tend to be sterile, due to either congenital defects or difficulties in application.
  • Urine may be passed by both penises, by only one, or through some other aperture in the perineum.
  • A range of duplication types have been seen, ranging from organs that fissure into two, to the presence of two distinct penises positioned at some distance from each other.
  • Most diphalluses lie side by side and are of equal size, but they can be seated atop one another, with one distinctly larger than the other.

Now that you have met the two main players and the disorder, I am sure you can see where this is heading.

The Relationship

They say that fact is stranger than fiction and this relationship certainly proves that adage. Dumas and Santos met in Paris and had a torrid (and rather well publicized) relationship. Both had found the only living human at the time who had the capacity to satisfy their appetite and their bodies. History has given us some odd mixes but there can be no doubt that the love affair of these two human marvels is unparalleled and, frankly, I can’t even begin to imagine that something more bizarre will occur again. So remember in future if you think you will never find a mate; nature has a way of providing for all of us – no matter how unusual we are.


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This relationship featured on the Listverse Top 10 Bizarre Relationships.


55 Responses to “The Most Bizarre Relationship Ever”

  1. 1 carladelvex

    a perfect match?

    • I can’t imagine one more perfect 🙂

      • 3 young mulla

        not even adult friend finder could have done it better

    • 4 Adam

      Actually, I think A perfect Fit is a more apt description 😛

  2. 5 Alberto

    You weren’t kidding when you said “the most bizarre relationship ever”. I guess it’s quite nice to know they both found someone.

  3. Alberto: indeed – it gives hope to anyone without a partner 🙂

  4. 7 ire

    This has to be the weirdest thing ive ever seen!

  5. 8 Alex

    Suited, although creepy and fairly disgusting to our eyes.

  6. 9 NoBody


  7. 10 Mrfakz

    Not surprised he had a ‘ravenous sexual appitite’. Hard enough just with 1. (no pun intended)

  8. 11 Draith

    Wow… That is beyond incredible! I agree, “perfect fit” is quite appropriate…
    I knew about the disorder for a while, but had certainly never heard of this pair. The odds of both living during the same period of time, and then MEETING… and then, the rest… Incredible (again).

    I like this site’s setup, by the way… it seems a fascinating collection from what I see so far!

  9. 12 tia long

    You only get one chance at a soulmate, and sometimes,you let them go and always regret it.
    Imagine finding yours and it going down in history!!

  10. 13 sial

    thats very rare i astonished subhanalla

  11. 14 MrRee

    Anyone got any videos???

    • 15 serendippity


  12. 16 brandon formosa


  13. 17 Jenna

    I don’t think they’d be able to use all of the parts at once :p

  14. 18 empresszien

    wow. Perfect! They are each other’s half. cool!

  15. 19 thelittlenaga

    Man this info in mindblowing…

  16. …very interesting and shocking at the same time…

  17. 21 Shi

    Well…..I gotta agree with you there….bizzare may be an understatement!!!

  18. 22 suckerforsense

    Damn nature, you scary!

  19. 23 zapata88

    Wow! I think this was one of the most interesting things i’ve read in while. Not only was it educational but also entertaining. I didn’t know things like this were possible i’ve always known about people born with extra fingers and other common body parts but it never really crossed my mind that the same thing could happen to private areas and that there would be more than one person and on top of it that they would actually find each other. What are the chances of that? Maybe they were doing their research. The main question is how do they find underwear or clothing that fit comfortably? Do they have their clothes specially made for them? Okay and one more thing when they walk if the extra leg is basically freelanced doesn’t it get in the way and hurt them when it swings into their functioning legs?

  20. 24 rskva

    So when’s David Cronenberg making the biopic?

    • haha he would definitely be the director for it 🙂

  21. Brilliant.

  22. 27 andyjgreen

    That is the most unusual thing I have read about in a long time.

  23. Actually, it has only been rumored that the two had an affair, though as far as I know, Blanche at least had an interest in meeting/sleeping with him.

  24. 29 misskitty_79

    I’d say it’s quite likely that Blanche was a Chimera! (

  25. 30 bozo

    any pictures of the act?

  26. 31 Phil E. Drifter

    “One in 5.5 million men in the United States have two penises. ”

    My head asplode.

  27. 32 arno nym

    this sure is a nice thing to happen… weird or not… i like the story 🙂

  28. 33 dosy

    one in 5.5. million men in the US have 2 penises, unfortunately not one single american can share a brain cell between them.

  29. 34 mindy t.

    This is amazing! 1 per 5.5M men in US? Where are they, havent seen them on
    Inside Edition or Springer… I’d like to meet one!

  30. 35 kilker

    2 penises is not so unusual.

    some guy has been reported to have 2 penises, breasts and a vagina.

    it is just the way the embryo develops; like when you get retards and dwarf kids.

  31. 36 DeAdMaN

    Kilker 😛 would you tell how the hell did all these fit in one damn body? :P:P

  32. Вообще, честно говоря, комментарии тут гораздо занимательней самих постов. (Не в обиду автору, конечно :))

  33. 38 Derfmann

    Good grief! These two found mates in each other? Whet the heck is the matter with me??? derf

  34. it’s my first time to see this pictures! and very intrigueging, surprise,can’t believe but its true!

  35. questi0n! just asking where are the grand children of juan and blanche! did they end up together and having their own children? I’m curious!

    • 41 Amber

      The article says that the condition usually rends the sufferer sterile.

  36. damn!two penises?are u kidding me wahaha! if ever one person has two i guess the partner will freak out!

  37. 43 Joyful

    Actually a very interesting read, although I was shocked at the same time!

  38. 44 Star D.


  39. 45 zainabu

    gosh!its called mother nature!!!!!!!!!!

  40. OMG! Lucky them how many of us don’t find the perfect fit 😉

  41. 47 b-to

    wonder if they had children, and where they’d come out from. take turns?

  42. Lol, they make the perfect couple, right?

  43. I always knew there was some basis to hentai.

  44. 50 my

    pics or it didn’t happen

  45. 51 Jamie

    Quote from several different sites:
    “Upon hearing stories that a three legged man with dual genitalia named Juan Baptista dos Santos was in Paris on a European tour, Blanche Dumas expressed a sincere desire to have sex with him. While there is no evidence that the two had illicit meetings, there is great rumor of a brief affair.”

    with more information gathered and a little more searching you will find that this was just a rumor and that there was no proof it actually happened.

  46. Thank God i only have one penis :p

  47. 53 Smemz

    You could almost call it a “Hole in one”… Almost.

  48. Love it! Thanks so much for the article!

  49. 55 Dickie Doo

    No matter how tempting a wish it might be to have this “disorder”, spina bifida is one hell of a price to pay. I think I’ll pass.

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