Exorcism: Casting Out The Devil


Exorcismo1Exorcism is the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, or things, which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice. The practice is quite ancient and part of the belief system of many countries.

The person performing the exorcism, known as an exorcist, is often a member of the clergy, or an individual thought to be graced with special powers or skills. The exorcist may use prayers, and religious material, such as set formulas, gestures, symbols, icons, amulets, etc.. The exorcist often invokes God, Jesus and/or several different angels and archangels to intervene with the exorcism.

In general, possessed persons are not regarded as evil in themselves, nor wholly responsible for their actions. Therefore, practitioners regard exorcism as more of a cure than a punishment. The mainstream rituals usually take this into account, making sure that there is no violence to the possessed, only that they be tied down if there is potential for violence.

The Exorcist

Exorcist-2Most people are unaware of the fact that all ordained Catholic priests are officially exorcists, though permission must be given by the local Bishop for an exorcism to take place. These days, before that permission is granted, a thorough investigation (including psychological testing) is performed on the possessed to ensure that there is not an earthly reason for the person’s behavior. This permission is seldom given but occurrences are on the rise. The Vatican has a chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth, 82, who performs exorcisms daily in Rome and is dean of Europe’s corps of demon-battling priests. He also founded the International Association of Exorcists, a Roman Catholic organization that was founded by Father Amorth and five other priests. Although the membership is restricted and exclusive by 2000 there were over two hundred members. A priest must have permission of his bishop to join and they meet bi-annually in Rome. The association sends out a quarterly newsletter where members can tell of particularly difficult or interesting cases.

The Ritual

Rituale Romanum Exorcism Card392X600In Roman Catholic dogma exorcism is a ritual but not a sacrament, unlike baptism or confession. Catholic exorcism is still one of the most rigid and organized of all existing exorcism rituals. Things listed in the Roman Ritual as being indicators of possible demonic possession include: speaking foreign or ancient languages of which the possessed has no prior knowledge; supernatural abilities and strength; knowledge of hidden or remote things which the possessed has no way of knowing, an aversion to anything holy, profuse blasphemy, and/or sacrilege. The act of exorcism is considered to be an incredibly dangerous spiritual task. The ritual assumes that possessed persons retain their free will, though the demon may hold control over their physical body, and involves prayers, blessings, and invocations with the use of the document Of Exorcisms and Certain Supplications. Here is a sample of the text used in the ritual:

I command you, unclean spirit, whoever you are, along with all your minions now attacking this servant of God, by the mysteries of the incarnation, passion, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the descent of the Holy Ghost, by the coming of our Lord for judgment, that you tell me by some sign your name, and the day and hour of your departure. I command you, moreover, to obey me to the letter, I who am a minister of God despite my unworthiness; nor shall you be emboldened to harm in any way this creature of God, or the bystanders, or any of their possessions.

Depart, then, transgressor. Depart, seducer, full of lies and cunning, foe of virtue, persecutor of the innocent. Give place, abominable creature, give way, you monster, give way to Christ, in whom you found none of your works. For he has already stripped you of your powers and laid waste your kingdom, bound you prisoner and plundered your weapons. He has cast you forth into the outer darkness, where everlasting ruin awaits you and your abettors.

Notable Exorcisms

Annelies1. Anneliese Michel was a Catholic woman from Germany who was said to be possessed by six or more demons and subsequently underwent an exorcism in 1975. Annelise died from malnutrition and dehydration during the exorcism, and both her parents and two priests were charged with manslaughter resulting from negligence. Two motion pictures, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Requiem are loosely based on Anneliese’s story. A recording of Anneliese’s exorcism is below. Anneliese is pictured to the right.

2. A boy identified by the pseudonym “Roland Doe” was the subject of an exorcism in 1949, which became the subject of The Exorcist, a horror novel and later film written by William Peter Blatty. Blatty heard about the case while he was a student in the class of 1950 at Georgetown University. The exorcism was partially performed in both Cottage City, Maryland and Bel-Nor, Missouri by Father William S. Bowdern, S.J. and a then Jesuit scholastic Fr. Walter Halloran, S.J.

3. Mother Teresa allegedly underwent an exorcism late in life under the direction of the Archbishop of Calcutta, Henry D’Souza, after he noticed she seemed to be extremely agitated in her sleep and feared she “might be under the attack of the evil one.”

Image Gallery

1. Anneliese Michel (the real Emily Rose)


2. Unknown exorcist


3. Unknown exorcist 2


4. Exorcism in Russia

Exorcism Video-1

5. Another Russian exorcism


Video Gallery

1. Documentary Promo

2. 1987 Exorcism by Bishop McKenna

3. Bishop performing an exorcism

4. Description of an exorcism

5. Vatican chief exorcist discusses the subject

Audio Samples

WARNING: These audio recordings are quite horrific. If you are alone or prone to fainting spells, you may want to think twice before playing them.

1. Listen to a Russian exorcism
2. Listen to the real recording of the exorcism of Emily rose (Anneliese Michel)

Further Reading

1. Possession and Exorcism
2. Exorcism Forums
3. Catholic Encylopedia Article
4. The entire ritual


79 Responses to “Exorcism: Casting Out The Devil”

  1. 1 gracenam

    wow that is crazy scary!
    I would watch the videos if I could.. but I know I won’t be able to sleep
    so tempting..

    thanks for another fascinating article!
    I’m a regular at listverse 🙂

    • You are welcome! And thanks for reading 🙂 I agree that the videos are scary – I started to get a little nervous watching them and it is broad daylight here!

  2. 3 sams


    I can’t listen to the recordings or watch the videos though. I will never sleep!

    Thanks for the great article. Have been a fan of Listverse for a while now and am completley addicted to this sight as well. =)

    • Thanks sams and welcome to the new site!

    • 5 Jerry H

      I don’t know if this stuff can be attributed to demonic activity (if it’s even real), but these recordings are really scary. I chose your post to respond to, because you seem to be easily frightened. And if something like this can scare you, it may be a good idea to avoid it. I have a 90-minute recording of Anneliese Michel’s exorcism, and it is a horrific listening experience, especially knowing that this girl’s experience was real, no matter the origin.

  3. 6 Icarus

    Thanks for the article. Very interesting.
    Even looking the pictures are giving me the shivers.
    I actually played the audio ages ago but couldn’t finished it -__-;
    Too scared to watch the videos…

  4. 7 Zenayda

    As a Catholic, exorcisms have always fascinated me however these days I’m more interested in whether the ‘possessed’ simply have a mental disorder, so the focus of the interest has changed for me.

    This list confirmed to me as well about all priests being exorcists. I remember being told years ago that at least one priest per parish had to be an exorcist so at least there was some truth in what I was told.

    There’s absolutely no way I’m watching the videos or listening to the clips. The sun’s shining through the window now but still – no way!

    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday, JFrater! 🙂

  5. 8 sagirl

    I really wanna listen to the recording, but I’m too shit scared……. When I get home tonight and I’m all alone, I’m gonna remember it and start hearing and seeing things. Damn this overactive imagination of mine.

  6. 9 augs

    great article. this is a subject that has interested for me quite sometime. i still get chills thinking back to the first time i heard the recording you posted on listverse of an exorcism. i still get chills. part of me really wants to listen to the annelise recording, but i can’t bring myself to do it at the moment. i have to agree with icarus, just looking at the pictures is giving me chills.
    happy belated birthday.

  7. 10 bren

    very interesting! that recording of anneliese is quite freaky!

  8. 11 Anonymous

    It amazes me how many people actually believe in this shit.

    • 12 Derek


      What a bunch of morons.

  9. 13 shaymm

    I like how in-depth this gets…nice. And whether it is “real” or not, isn’t the subject. It’s quite fascinating in and of itself. Also, whether the possessed are actually possessed or have a mental disorder is kinda interesting too. My idea, and my idea on religion vs. science (though they aren’t really different in my eyes, so maybe I should exclude the “vs.”) is that they can be one in the same. For example, these people that are possessed can probably be examined to show that they are experiencing mental problems, but, for the sake of religion, can also be shown to have a possession of some sort. If both the “scientist” and “priest” show that the possessed is under some sort spell or experiencing some sort of disorder then they can both be right according to their definitions. One doesn’t have to be right or wrong…I could write more on the subject but I dont really feel like it. ha.

  10. 14 AE86Girl

    I love this and listverse.com I check these two sites every morning. Thank you!!!!!!!

  11. 15 appie

    You won’t believe it….until you experience the real thing.
    This “shit” thing that you call actually happens. Just listen to the recordings, it’s really amazing. I hope you could experience one so you would believe,.

    • 16 Jenna

      Things we read/hear on the internet aren’t necessarily fact. And I think I’d be more inclined to believe that this is a mental disorder, NOT a religious phenomenon…

  12. 17 DustinB

    My granddad was doing mission work in Bolivia about 5 years ago and said he came across a young boy that was allegedly possessed. He said the boy was slithering on the ground like a snake and moving in ways that he thought would be impossible. It creeped me out big time having him describe it…

    • 18 Derek

      Sounds like a mentally disturbed boy with an overactive imagination to me.

  13. 19 anniegirl

    Great new site!!!! I love listverse, and this site is very insightful! I love learning about other cultures and interesting aspects of my own. I love the detail and attention to each subject. Good job on this! 🙂

  14. Love your new site!
    I check up on Listverse almost every day, and it’s great that you have this one now in order to explore the more bizarre and mysterious subjects in detail.
    This is a great entry, although i think you should have mentioned that Annelise (Which is actually my mothers christian name…Creepy!) actually died of malnutrition and dehydration, and that both her parents and two priests were charged with manslaughter resulting from neglience.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers from Denmark.

    • You are right – I have added the appropriate text to the section on her. Thanks 🙂

  15. 22 Looser

    my youth pastor tells the story of a boy who was thought to be insane. he was introduced to my pastor before a trip to… i forget. i’ll ask him. but they were on a retreat or something. His mom thought he was just mental and wanted him to feel normal for a week. this kid was like 6 feet tall like 130 pounds and really skinny. He said that the boy behaved strangely and wouldn’t talk and stuff. And when people prayed he would get squirmy and make noises. and if my pastor said “jesus” he would go into hysterics. And so at the end of the week they were leaving a hotel and they prayed in like a huge circle. and the boy went BALISTIC. he ripped a steel hotel door from its frame. like ripped the hinges off the wall. and they took him away in a straight jacket after several security guards pinned him down. im not sure if i believe it but my pastor usually doesn’t make crap like that up. and it wasn’t like a ghost story it was like at a bible study in the afternoon. so…

  16. 23 blacksunshine

    Random, but I noticed that most of the people that are supposed to be possessed have really dark circles around their eyes…

    • 24 sofkes

      I noticed that too.

      • 25 Jenna

        I’d say this is from malnutrition and dehydration…

  17. 26 krchuk

    Well, unfortunately, I get possessed at a certain time of every month, and if you ask my kids about my behaviour this morning (I am talking screaming banshee), you would probably contact a local priest and get on that exorcism business pronto. I’m not arguing about it either, I just can’t control my actions and reactions presently! (Chocolate usually placates me though) 😦

  18. 27 Harrison

    I’m not what you’d call a practising christian, but these stories scare me nevertheless. Mental Illness seems the mostly explanation, but he ‘speaking ancient languages’ thing is hard to explain away. Listverse has been my favourite site for a long time, and Cogitz seems like a kickass step forward. Good luck with the new site, and Happy Birthday!

  19. 28 steamengenius

    I was raised in a strict nazarene family(though my beliefs have shifted far from the horror story sermins I was subjected to as a kid,more like scared straight tactics than any kind of moral or spiritual guidance.)My grandfather is a pastor and I remember one occasion,I was maybe six years old,when a group from our church literally wrestled a man into the church and held him down on one of the church alters.He was growling and cursing and it took five men to keep him down.He seemed almost superhumanly powerful,violently lashing out at the guys who were doing all they could to keep him from hurting somebody.Just as my grandpa knelt next to the alter and started talking to the dude,my mother grabbed my brother and me and rushed us outside before going back in herself.I was told later that the man was demon possessed.My grandfather performed an exorcism,which is VERY rare for the Nazarene religion.It lasted about 4 or 5 hours but when it was over,the man looked like a completely different person.He had no memory of what he’d been through and,the weirdest thing I thought,he never asked how or why he just woke up in a small country church,pinned down on an alter by a group of strangers.He was calm and even seemed to be in good spirits.So,even though I wasn’t allowed to witness the exorcism(because children are apparently a demon’s favorite target so I was told)it set off a spark in my mind that’s still burning 22 years later…-d-

  20. 29 ericrod

    damn j. frater this is awesome but so scary dude im working and im all scared in the middle of no where. 😦

  21. 30 jack

    Hey i think something wrong with me. i fall asleep while watching the video and listening to the audio clip.

    • 31 atra

      it was demon that made u sleep 😀 huhahahahaa

  22. 32 sofkes

    Shucks, I’m alone and therefore can’t listen to the recordings. Probably a good thing, as they would most like haunt me for life. I’m not inclined to believe in real demonic possession, but having knowledge of languages previously unknown to them, especially Latin, which is common in possessions if I remember, has to be worth something!

    • I am inclined to agree – they are either authentic or extremely good actors!

  23. 34 imcrystalclear

    I am a Christian and believe this can happen, I’m only glad that the Catholic Church investigates each case to make sure there isn’t something else that is causing the person to act strange. I believe mental illness can be a big cause of strangeness in people, but then there is the Spirtuality part that we all have to be cognisant (sp) of, both bad and good. Just my opinion.

    This article was facinating.

    • 35 Derek

      If you believe that these people are actually possessed by the devil, then you are just one of the many many morons killing my faith in the human race.

      • 36 Ray

        You mean it wasn’t dead already? Mine dwindles daily because of insensitive people who constantly belittle others’ religious beliefs when they don’t find them acceptable.

  24. 37 milqytoast

    I’ve been an avid (yet passive) reader of Listverse for more than a year now, but have never bothered to post anything until recently. This site is perfect because it revolves around some of my favourite topics on Listverse, and it invites people who actually appreciate/have credible things to say about the subject matter to join in and filters out the nay-sayers and whathaveyou. Great idea for the site, keep up the hard work!!

    I love the macabre/the occult/the paranormal/the weird, yet I can’t get myself to listen to the audios/watch the videos. =S

    • Thanks 🙂 This site gives me another avenue to express the more macabre topics I love – listverse can be a little restrictive due to the “top 10” format in which case some subjects have to be skipped because there are no suitable lists for them.

  25. 39 erickarthik

    Awesome info.
    But usually other religious customs and practices also have these kinda bizarre things but not as organized and spread as these guys have made it.

  26. 40 erickarthik

    Mother Theresa . Hmmm… of all the controversies surrounding her, this takes the cake. Thank you Jfrater !!!

  27. 41 Johnny

    In the pic Unknown Exorcist #2, it seems to be Anneliese again, because you can barely see the white “band” on the woman’s shirt and matches the other pics of Anneliese. As well, it just looks like Anneliese in the pic.

    Rechecking the photo’s: I may be wrong as the Unknown part of the pic may be the woman behind Anneliese? My apologies if so!

    I love this type of stuff!

  28. 42 Cuntageous

    An exorcism should be performed on Dick Cheney.

    ….oh wait, I forgot. He IS the devil. Nevermind.

    • 43 Jenna


  29. 44 Matt1234

    Even though I know that there’s no objective evidence of demonic possession,
    those videos scared the shit outta me.

    • 45 Jenna

      Well said!

    • 46 Derek

      I laughed. I can’t believe you people found this scary.

      It’s just a delusional idiot yelling making animal sounds. It was hilarious.

  30. 47 Ashley

    exorcism is a very interesting subject. im not sure why it fascinates me so much. its kind of scary haha. its been that way ever since i found out Anneliese Michel is my distant cousin. i would love to visit her grave someday and pay my respects.

  31. 48 tremblingfingers

    I was so scared!! I’m loving cogitz more and more by the day 🙂

  32. Ahhhh Nice site!!!

    Im a listverse fan… I already seen all the posts!!!

    and still checking it every single day!!!

    Ang now a new site and I like it so much….

    Actually, almost all the students here in my school are addicted to listverse here in the philippines!!!

    You’re doing a great job!!! Keep it Up!!!!


  33. 50 emre

    this girl aneliese michele only needed a psychiatrist.

    • 51 Ashley

      aww come on dont be putting down the possessed…or my family. (though there is a history of mental illness in our family but still)

  34. 52 MissMeggle

    I really want to listen to the audio’s and watch the video’s now but its half ten, I’m alone and i’m a wimp at the best of times lol. May have to wait til i can cling onto someone for support first. Thanks for another fascinating list Jfrater!

  35. Man JFrater,
    I’ve read probably most of your lists on listverse and now I’ve found this site. I just have to say that your devotion to putting these articles out is astounding. I love reading these articles, they’re intriguing and well researched. This one is particularly interesting. Thanks from Canada!

  36. 54 tarson

    these people are just retards who dont deserve tax dollars.

    let the priests go back to the vatican in spain where they belong.

  37. 55 chingpower

    how i wish i can understad what they are saying in those recordings.
    what language is that?

  38. this is sick! im a type of guy that aware if “im not alone” well its not logical but sometimes when im alone and doing something, suddenly my focus goes out and i felt like somethings watching me (a shivering type of experience)

    I was just reading an article on listverse, i clicked the link on more on exorcism and damn after i saw that girls face it made me felt like im reading this site alongwith “something” else and all the room became colder

    give me the creeps! btw im still having those shivering experience while typing this comment, it damn disturbs a lot!

    im gonna try those audio and video on broad daylight, this is 2 o clock in the morning at myplace!!

    btw COOL POST!!

  39. 57 kilker

    satanic abuse is the next coming thing.

    wait and see that this godless generation will try and resurrect lucifers demons by using one of the higher animals like a chimp, dog, or dolphin as a sacrifice.

    using a dolphin as a sacrifice would give great magical powers to the believers of this evil religion of satan.

  40. 58 Jennier

    It’s funny how many comments I read of people not being able to listen to or watch the recordings, I thought I was being stupid as the only one. I feel alot better now that I’m not the only scaredy-cat! I think what makes everyone so frightened isn’t just the generally terrifying nature of the subject but the fact that if you are a believer in the mental illness or religious aspect of it either way its something totally out of our control. We couldn’t stop a demon from invading our body no more than we could stop the symptoms of a mental illness from surfacing. The complete loss of control of ones self IS a very scary thought.

  41. 59 katerinaelaena

    Im’ of the countless many who are apparently to scared to listen to the recordings =) Interesting topic, though very sad…Whether you believe it or not, the idea that one could lose all control over themselves and their lives is sad. Poor Annelise. Lost Everything. I am orthodox christian but i do believe that the priests and ehr family went too far. At a certain point, it seems they lose the idea of what is harming her and what is harming the “demon”. Thanks JFrater!

  42. 60 katerinaelaena

    I’m too scared to listen to the recordings! =) Interesting topic, though very sad…Whether you believe it or not, the idea that one could lose all control over themselves and their lives is sad. Poor Annelise. Lost Everything. I am orthodox christian but i do believe that the priests and ehr family went too far. At a certain point, it seems they lose the idea of what is harming her and what is harming the “demon”. Thanks JFrater!

  43. 61 caramel

    i like ur article very educational…=)

  44. 62 Bella

    I did watch the videos and listen to the tapes. Surprisingly, the movements, language, moans, and screeches are very like those shown in movies like “The Exorcist” and “Emily Rose.” Truthfully, I didn’t feel frightened, experiencing more of a sober respect of the phenomena.

    I HAVE, however, been in the presence of beings who have radiated rage, displayed unexplainable strength, and appeared to be totally “possessed” by an evil kind of alien energy. One was a wild-haired, bulky man that I saw stealing furtively through a parking lot clutching something beneath his soiled raincoat. His movements were weirdly jerky, and he was whisper-hissing, then grunting (apparently to himself) as he moved along.

    I was so startled that I’d stopped on the sidewalk near where he was, mesmerized by his strangeness. He apparently felt my gaze as he stopped, turned sharply, then looked at me. I’ve seen drunks and I’ve known homeless people, and this creature was neither. One hand jerked out at me in a clawing motion, his other clenched his coat tighter to his body, and then the weirdest sound emanated from his cruel mouth – a garbled seething that ended in a sharp BARK.

    To say I was petrified is an understatement. My hair stood on end, and I was virtually frozen to the spot with fear. Sensing this, he turned away and continued his awkward run through the parking lot. It took me a few moments to recover before I could continue walking to my destination.

    This event happened a good 30 years ago in broad daylight in the city of Boston, MA, yet I can remember it like it was yesterday. There are things in this world that are yet little known or understood, and events that defy our comprehension. I am convinced I saw something “other worldly” that day, and believe exorcism is a tool for facing down evil. And I am grateful for those committed to performing this work.

  45. 63 Natalie

    It’s almost 1 in the morning and I’ve watched the videos and listening to the recording. Balls motherfuckers.

  46. 64 Aurell

    lolol people actually believe in this?

    i guess people never heard of actual mental disorders. ehh oh well i won’t interfere.

    its a big argument starter anyway. o3o

  47. 65 thereaderandthewriter

    what bothers me about all the this new pope is that he’s worried about demons within people when he needs to have an exorcism. I’m sorry, I’m not going to listen to someone that helped murder innocent people during wwII.

  48. 66 MarWil

    argh.. 12:51 in midnight i really want to test my ‘courage’ to extent. the combination of audio clip + the pic of possesed girl..is..can’t explain how eerie, uncanny or something. i CAN watch this tomorrow morning though..

  49. 67 Gandalf

    I saw this thing last night 1:15AM..Bookmarked it and am back today morning to read it….Dude whaterver gave you the courage to even research and type out all this matter….Puff…All hands down…

    BTW, none of the videos are loading though….=/

  50. 68 Gandalf

    I saw this thing last night 1:15AM..Bookmarked it and am back today morning to read it….Dude whaterver gave you the courage to even research and type out all this matter….Puff…All hands down…

    BTW, none of the videos are loading though….=/

    I am a man who walks alone
    And when I’m walking a dark road
    At night or strolling through the park

    When the light begins to change
    I sometimes feel a little strange
    A little anxious when it’s dark

    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a constant fear that somethings always near
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a phobia that someone’s always there

    Have you run your fingers down the wall
    And have you felt your neck skin crawl
    When you’re searching for the light?

    Sometimes when you’re scared to take a look
    At the corner of the room
    You’ve sensed that somethings watching you

    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a constant fear that somethings always near
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a phobia that someone’s always there

    Have you ever been alone at night
    Thought you heard footsteps behind
    And turned around and no one’s there?

    And as you quicken up your pace
    You find it hard to look again
    Because you’re sure there’s someone there

    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a constant fear that somethings always near
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a phobia that someone’s always there

    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark

    Watching horror films the night before
    Debating witches and folklores
    The unknown troubles on your mind

    Maybe your mind is playing tricks
    You sense, and suddenly eyes fix
    On dancing shadows from behind

    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a constant fear that somethings always near
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a phobia that someone’s always there

    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a constant fear that somethings always near
    Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
    I have a phobia that someone’s always there

    When I’m walking a dark road
    I am a man who walks alone

  51. 69 ahmedfddd

    we as Muslims for sure believe in exorcism because its written in the holly quran
    and a believer (man of faith) help to exorcist the possessed person by reading the
    quran in loud voice and this custom goes back to thousand of thousand of years in our Islamic community

  52. 70 Alfredble

    You muslim, u dont know anything else than copy and imitate Christianity.

  53. 71 mighty stream

    who is copying who alfredo
    dont get me started

  54. 72 khor

    makes you wonder how atheism was ever thought of or created… how could you not believe in good and evil???

  55. 73 Julia

    Picture # 3 is also of Anneliese Michel during her exorcism.

  56. 74 Merlita

    Aaahhh, yes… It’s so sad, what happened to Anneliese. I’ve seemed to have converted to Catholicism since hearing her story. Rest In Peace, Anneliese Michel-san…

  57. 75 qwkinuf

    Looks like some perverts who got off beating the crap out of Anneliese Michel and made up an elaborate scheme to get out of being put away.

    Look at the photos. She didn’t give herself the black eyes.

  58. 76 PEACE4U

    To those of you who feared listening to recordings or watching videos…there is a reason for this. If you would have listened to it, it would have opened a gate and if you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then it can enter you. To all the non-believers who judged christians as morons….unfortunately, you are not immune to oppression or possession. It’s quite the opposite, you are an open door to them; and your unbelief is equal to taunting the demons. Be careful. This is serious stuff. I encourage you to read the Bible. Get to know Jesus. You wont regret it.

    “My people perish due to a lack of knowledge…” Jesus.

  59. 77 NotaClosedMindedBox

    Firstly, I can not believe the nerve of some people to disrespect any religion/person in such ways as I read on these comments!!! GROW UP and learn some manners! Second, for those who call believers idiots may be the ones in question(in my opinion) I feel like anyone who closes off any possibility of something unexplainable in this world are either scared or just too idiotic to see the truths that are out there…..ghosts, angels, demons, aliens…whatever it may be…

  60. 78 andy

    ok people believe in this because of their religion, dont disrespect other people by calling one of their reliqious belifs “shit”

  61. Demonic possession is described as a being control by the devil or by his henchmen, after being used for destructive purposes for himself and others.

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